LD or dreaming about LD?

Last night before I went to bed, I tried my best to “stay awake” while I was drifting off to sleep…didn’t work. A few hours later, I woke up on my own and went back to sleep (didn’t get out of bed or anything). After about another hour in the bed, I started having a lot of lucid dreams, like five or six in a row.

In each dream, I quickly realized I was lucid just moments after it began (I don’t know how though, it just sort of happened), but after I became lucid I almost always immediately lost control. Now, back to when I was trying to stay awake before I went to sleep, I would meditate and just before I went to sleep I remember a specific pattern of colors I saw. The weird thing is, that just before every lucid dream (or maybe just after?) I would see that same pattern.

In the first dream I can remember, I was inside a house and there was some guy there that I don’t remember seeing, and I was walking to the door and I became lucid for some reason. After becoming lucid, I tried to walk outside the door, and as soon as I did, the dream began to fade.

I went through about three or four other dreams similar to this one, but I can’t remember any specific details.

In the second to last dream, I was pretty frustrated that I couldn’t maintain my dreams, and after becoming lucid I tried really hard to keep it, but the dream was already fading a little. The dream was at a school, similar to my high school, and there were two girls there that I knew. I tried to talk to one of them about the dream, but she didn’t respond, and the dream faded even faster.

Now the very last, and very weird thing was sort of like an OBE I guess. Instead of having a dream, I felt kinda like I was falling inside this black void, but just a little bit. Then, it felt like my legs were being pulled upward, like they were floating out of my normal legs. At the same time, I began to feel an odd sensation through my body, a little tingly I guess, and after that I felt like I had a cramp in my back and my hands. Then, I felt another weird sensation, and after that everything stopped. I was expecting something to happen, but I just stayed there in darkness for a while, so I though I’d just go ahead and wake myself up.

When I “woke up,” it was actually like another dream. I was in my bed and I got out into my room, and everything was really distorted looking, like I was drunk or something. I felt really dizzy and fell down. After that I actually did wake up in the real world.

Now, my question is are these real experiences, or did I just dream about having lucid dreams, and so it made it seem like it was a real LD?

I dunno how to explain the last experience, I’ve only felt something like that once before. I had just woken up, and decided to try to consciously go back to sleep, and I felt like I was paralyzed and I had all these weird sensations, and I got a little scared and made myself wake up.

The thing that makes me question the “reality” of these lucid dreams, is that the last lucid dream I can remember lasted a long time, and I had complete control over everything. There were many, many, many characters in the dream, and I talked to a few of them and got some responses out of them. In the lucid dreams I had last night, it seemed like I had no control at all. What’s up with that?

It sounds to me like you had a bunch of short, low-level LDs, and maybe experienced SP at one point. If you’re just beginning, I’d say you’re doing great. You just need practice and confidence, and pretty soon your LDs will be lasting a long time and you’ll have more control. Good luck, and welcome to the forum! :happy: