LD problem

Hi everyone,

I’m new here. I have been practising my dream recall for a while now and become pretty good at it, so now I am trying to invoke lucid dreams. The weird thing is most of the times I have a lucid dream, I wake up. This is what happens: When I enter the lucid dream I sort of feel as if I am pulled out of it. Sometimes this happens right away, sometimes after a while; but it ALWAYS happens sooner or later. I don’t even open my eyes or anything. The vision of my dream just fades away and at that point I am awake.
Another strange thing: when I do have a lucid dream I can usually feel my body lying in my bed and unable to move; sometimes this is quite frightening. One time when I was lucid dreaming I thought I was choking beneath my sheets!

What should I do about this?

I’m not sure what it is, but I know what your talking about. I just recently got my dream recall good enough to remember dreams and have had 3 LD’s but they all ended early.

It feels like my senses dull out, very similar to being drunk. Maybe its just inexperience?

It also only happens after a successfull WILD for me. My SP never got as bad as yours, mine felt like I was weightless and floating down. Just thought more info might be needed. :smile:

Hi Solaris! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Have you had many LD’s up to now? First LD’s are often short.

You perhaps can try one of these tricks. Try to look immediatly at your hands as soon as you become lucid. If you lose vision, rub them. The first is a prolonging technique. You should stare at your hands from time to time in your LD’s, it gives a boost to lucidity. The second is an “antifading” technique.

It’s very interesting. Generally people are not aware of their body when they sleep. Now there is another solution: if you have read too much topics about SP, you’re perhaps dreaming your body position in bed. Did you verify you’re in the same position once you have awoken?

Oh, that’s happened to me! I have had LD, never on purpose. I only started researching them today. Mostly they have happened when something obvious stuck out to me. For example, I left my infant and toddlers at home while I went to Walmart. I would NEVER do that! Anyway…
I have the experience you described on several occasions. Where I was completely aware of my body but unable to move at all. Then I would get up and hope I was really awake, but then realize I wasn’t and be right back in bed. It takes all of my strength to wake myself up fully and get out of bed. It is SCARY! But good to know I’m not the only one! What do you do when you have this sensation?

I it. I used to get that feeling all the time. Like I would feel drunk and un coordinated. It was not enjoyable AT all. Just take a short break (maybe a couple days) from it and they will come back hard and heavy, as vivid and great as can be.

Hi Watermont! :smile:

I think it’s possible to be aware of one’s own sleep paralysis during a dream. Then you had what is called a “false awakening” and as soon as you realized it was a dream, you became lucid. But some FA’s are so realistic and your consciousness in them is often already similar to waking consciousness, so that it perhaps didn’t make a big difference.

FA’s are rather common amongst lucid dreamers. There is even a BIG FA topic. So you’re not the only one. :wink: And when they have these sensations and they are lucky enogh to realize it’s a dream, LD’ers are very happy cause it’s a lucid dream and they can almost do what they want. :smile: