LD problems! Need some help from the pro's;)

Okey, so here is my problem, i’ve tryed the metod where i wake up around 4-5 hours after i slept, after i did, i tryed the MILD and WILD metod, i just lied there saying tomyself; “I will dream, I will know that i am dreaming…” and so on. Tok me like 10min and then i was in a dream… but i DIDNT KNOW… Im like, “This isnt normal? well… ok…” and then just went off with the dream. I got so mad when i woke up. I remember all my dreams, and they are very clear. The other nights I’ve tryed LD i just keep waking up in the middle of the night. I think right after a dream, this has happend the two last night, i just wake up with out a problem. And then i try MILD/WILD metod, i dream easily but i dont understand that im dreaming, im on the egde… Sorry if this souded confusing, im confused myself:)

And another thing, whenever i nap i get total memoryloss, I cant remember what day it is, where i am, what im doing there, takes some minutes before i remember everything. This is napping at daytime… is this normal?

Thanks Pro’s;)

Some people had the same problem whenever they try to WILD. They had to perform a RC or else they wouldn’t have realized that they were dreaming. If you can easily enter a dream in such a way and be prelucid, it’s worthy to practice RC’s so that when you wonder if it’s a dream or not, you won’t be caught by the flow.

About nap and memory loss, I don’t know.

By “pro”, do you mean professional? Because I don’t think many of us will count… :tongue: But if you just want some advice - have patience. Don’t get heartbroken if it doesn’t work, especially when you’re just starting out… And keep practicing!

" First steps to Lucidity
An introduction to Lucidity. The place for beginners to ask questions and for the pro’s to answer them :wink: "
I was being ironic:)
Basilus West: Thx for the advice, i will try to do as many RC’s as i can:)

when you do RCs… really question whether this is reality or not, don’t simply look at your hands and whatnot… 5 welll done RC’s are better than 25 poor ones.

With the MILD method, I find that I miss the dream a lot. Sometimes I autosuggest that when I see anything or start moving around, I will check if I am dreaming. I’ve only done this with a WILD that I was not so sure if I was sleeping yet and one MILD I think.

Keep practicing RCs, the nose one I think is the best… Tried it yestarday and got an LD! :content:

I’ve already had a LD :smile: Read about it here:

Ulv owns me high on what he can do in an LD. :sad: But I own him on getting them :ebil:

Ulv, regarding the napping thing, it happens to me everytime so I shouldn’t worry to much about it.
What I do is that I just try to lie still in my bed with my eyes closed and then go through the entire dream and then start to focus on what day/week/month it is and it normaly just comes flowing back to me quite fast

Id suggest waking up later in your sleep cycle. Try 6-7 hours of sleep instead of 4-5. The further along in your sleep you are for the night, the closer together and longer your REM cycles get. In the 30 minutes to an hour that you are awake before returning to bed, try to see a lot of sunlight, splash cold water on your face, do some reading (or write in your dreamjournal).

You just need to practice reality checks, because if you are not used of making them then if you see something strange in a dream you are just going to ignore it.

So make rality checks on every strange moment of waking life, check your watch, ask yourself what are you doing there, how did you got there and so on, several times a day. And if you feel a little bit lost, probably you are dreaming

After a while you are going to be asking that in your dream and you’ll be lucid

I dont do RC’s irl anymore, i have had 2 quite awesome LD’s noone RC induced. DILD works on strange ways for me :smile: