LD:s (or any dreams) and telepathy?

I’m not really knowledgeable about telepathy (neither am I “whiz of quiz” about LD:s - I just happen to see them a lot, since childhood), but my dreams, and some singular weird cases that I’ve bumped into, have made me think about it…
I wonder if it’s possible to actually discuss with real people in dreams (via telepathy or whatever you like to call it)? These migt be just coincidences, but I have some experiences that might support that possibility:
-I had a dream, where I was with an extremely shy girl from my middle school, and she wasn’t shy at all anymore - it was a huge change. After that I contacted her (I hadn’t been in touch with her for years, but I knew her parent’s address, 'cause i was her only friend in middle school) and although I didn’t directly ask, she told me excitingly how she had become free of her shyness in the university!
-I have MANY times had a dream about someone, whom I haven’t been in touch with for a long time, and very soon after that she/he has contacted me.
-Once I had a dream where one guy died, and some days after that he had commited suicide.
-This is the most distinctive: I had a crush on a person, who seemed to have a crush on me too, but we hadn’t talked about our feelings to each other. Then I had a dream, where we 2 and my friend were together, and that friend took up the crush-topic and “forced” us to admit that we liked each other. The next day it happened exactly like in that dream! My friend even used some precisely similar sentences like in the dream!
I haven’t asked if those persons have had the same dreams, though. Mostly, because they were people I didn’t know very well, and secondly 'cause my closest friends hardly ever remember their dreams.

Similar experiences, anyone? I’m thinking about this, 'cause if it’s possible, I’d definitely like to learn how to “contact” someone in a dream! :eek:

I personally haven’t experienced these “coincidences” but i heard a lot about them so you are not alone.

some parts i can link it to telepathy
and some to astral projection -

in astral projection i heard u can interact with other travelers
i dont know much of this so i will shut my mouth lol

It is called shared dreaming, or SD.

There are topics about it…mostly in ‘‘beyond dreaming’’.
I believe it is possible…why would so many people lie?

I had a non-lucid dream the very night before my brother died in 2007. I dreamt that I walked in on him having sex with my ex-girlfriend, and I strangled him to death (I would never do anything like this in waking life of course). The very next day my brother and his fiance both died in a house fire from asphixiation (choked to death) from the smoke. Nobody has ever believed me when I tell them about that dream I had the night before he died, everyone just looks at me like I am completely crazy/sad/making up stories. I tore that page out of my DJ and keep it seperate from the rest, it’s the weirdest shit that’s ever happened to me in my entire life.

1.dont feel guilty
2. coincedence maybe?
3. caused?> i dont know

  1. imput? i dont really have any but to say waoo crazy

I’m so sorry for you, Tenshiki! That must be horrible! But you absolutely should not feel any guilt, I think it was rather an omen about was going to happen anyway :bored: :sad:

Dang, I’m so sorry about that Tenshiki.
And it’s really scary, cause’ almost the same thing happened to a friend of mine. He tole me that he had a dream one night that a crow came to him and literally said to him “your grandmother’s going to die” That’s so scary cause a crow symbolizes death. Then, right after that dream, his dad woke him up, and it was 3 in the morning. His dad looked at him and said, grandma just died… I can’t remember how he said she did, but it was pretty straight forward and really terrible.
I just hate thinking about that, makes me feel bad for my pal that that happened to him. :cry:

I don’t feel guilty about it or anything, it was just a dream afterall, there’s no way that my dream could have actually influenced what happened in reality, but I just think it’s very odd that something like that would happen. What are the chances that I would have a dream like that the very night before it happened? It has to be like one in a billion. Like you said Kansine, it was more like an omen, but doesn’t that freak you guys out too (the fact that omens actually do happen)? Biodreamer I definately believe that happened to your friend, because that’s EXACTLY what happened to me too! I woke up from that dream at about 5 a.m. and wrote it in my dream journal right after I woke up, and then at around 6 a.m. the police came to tell me that my brother died. No offense to anyone’s beliefs or anything but i’m an atheist now. Things like this really get you thinking though… :neutral:

Trust me… it gives me the chills :bored:

wow i just read over this and it is chilling indeed. the way that dreams speak to a person is one of my biggest interests. But on the subject of telepathy in relation to LD’ing i would not doubt the possibilities at all. Don’t give any credibility to this because it is purely speculation but it seems to me that a person can only utilize a certain (rather small) percentage of there brain at any given moment based on whatever they may be doing. So although you may use 100% of your brain in a given period of time you can not access all of your brain at the same time. So what if while one becomes lucid in a dream you imagine that you have access to all of your brain at once and one of the benefits of this may be that you could transmit thoughts which other people unconsciously store in their brain and through the magic of shared dreaming or astral projection they may bring these thoughts with them into real life. Now i know that’s a bit of a stretch and there’s a lot of holes in that theory which definitely need filling but it was just a thought :tongue: i might type it down and elaborate on it though because it seems interesting to me even if it is (and it almost undoubtedly is) purely fictional :content: This article discredits my theory a little. It’s about the percentages of your brain that you use.