LD sex, question for the guys =p

Ok, just remembering what I was going to do in my LD before i go to bed one night and thought of what would happen if you ejaculated in a LD - would you actually blow your load in real life all over your bed sheets? - I don’t really want to wake up with white sheets but I want to have LD sex… I am not peverted - I am just a boy going through puberty. :tongue:

Just like me then :happy: I’ve not managed a controlled LD, but i suppose it varies on person to person. Try it and report back :razz:

yeah alright - I guess the ony way to find out is try - next controlled LD I will post back and let you know how I went.
Any one got any personal experiences? :tongue:

On average there is no RL ejaculation from LDs (source Stephen LaBerges book), although the other body symptoms for sex are similar (but not as strong).

So if anybody get to watch you sleep … ?

It depends on the person. But about the general case I agree with Korittke.

Hah that’s one of those things you really need to try. On my first controlled LD i’ll try it :razz:

i have had sex in dreams but only once not lucid and and thats the only time i have ejaculated sleeping

i have never had sex that i can remember in a ND. I havnt yet had a LD, but i’m trying. Is this not normal?

I haven’t ejaculated while sleeping since I was 15 or so (now I’m 20). But I have had lots and lots of dream orgasms (both ND and LD). :smile: There was even a dream where I splashed my goo on an innocent person’s face, but still woke up dry. :grin: As far as I know, it’s common to stop ejaculating while sleeping during the (early?) puberty.

I ejaculated in a (non-lucid) dream twice last night, and although it felt very convincingly real, when I woke up everything was dry. I can’t speak from experience about lucid dreams though, since they usually go away before I can achieve orgasm.

I have had both lucid and non-lucid sex dreams. In real life I sometimes have problems with premature yaknow, so even in my dreams the problem follows me. Like right when i begin doing a girl in a dream i’ll nut and it ends. When i wake up, 9/10 times i have made a mess in real life. So i dont know what you all are talking about when you have “dry” wet-dreams. Mine are always wet.

BTW. anyone having PE problems and have them linger onto their dreams? This has been a problem for a couple years and if i could possibly medicate it through lucid dreaming that would be fun and worthwhile.

mmm i have had both, most of the time tho they are dry, but it actually depends on my lucid level, real low they are wet. real real high they are wet, normal its just dry lol.


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Shouldn`t we have a BIG sex topic :tongue:

I think I masturbate enough in real life for my body to not even want to ejaculate any time it doesn’t need to, aside from in dreams.

well, you can get yourself dirty in the real life, but you dont have too. i remember myself peeing in a dream, and didnt do it in the real life, but when i was little (3-4 years old) when i pee in my dream i did it also in the real life. :shy:
and also if me memory doesnt flase me i think i made full sex in a dream and in a LD and it wasnt affected the real life. but i know some poeple that it is affect their real bads =]

try and tell us

I finally did it a few days ago. I had sex in a lucid dream. It was wonderful, and it culminated in an intense orgasm that lasted much longer than one in real life would have. It was like a firehose. I’ll spare you any more details, but when I woke up the sheets were all dry as a bone.