LD Slump

Ever since the forum went down I have been without a LD. Anyone else suffering?

Well, Then Ld4all isn’t online I spend less times about thinking about lucid dreaming, which means in dreams also I think about it less, which leads to less DILD’s… but it didn’t really worked for me.

I got one LD while LD4all wasn’t available :yay:

I have had one LD :cool: it will be posted when the forum is back!

ive had 2 low level lds. I say low level because i act really stupid.

For example, when flying doesn’t work i give up.

They were both set at my house, and everything was totally right. I think this contributes to the stupidness, because i get confused and think it’s real. After all, everything is exactly how it should be.

Drank some Diet Lucid Cola, however! It didnt work :sad:

I had one the morning that i found Ld4all was back up. :content:

Same with me! I planted a blue egg…

I have been without one since the forum went down… because I have been without one for quite a while now.

I never had a lucid dream at all this year.
But I did actually have dreams in my dream journal before finding out the site was down.

I havnt had an LD AT ALL. :sad::(:frowning:

I haven’t had an LD EVER either. It sucks, because most other people have. I need WBTB, but how the heck can I do it discreetly?!

I had a LD but I kept dreaming about LD4al… :neutral: Without getting lucid…

I’ve had 2 LD’s while the forums been down. ^^

I had a LD when i dreamt that i was posting in the forum but then remembered that it was down so i did a RC and… whoo!! :grin:

I haven’t had an LD in a month. Oh well, I will try the chaining technique that was posted on here a while back. I will succeed!

1 low level LD

Yeah, i have problems about that too.