LD term paper - looking for info

I don’t know how long this is going to last, so I figure I’ll just put this up as a temporary thing and make a new one if the forum comes back.

I have to do a term paper for English class, and I’m doing mine on LDing. However, books on the subject seem pretty much nonexistant in any library near me, or even in the county. I’m going to ask my dad to check the library of the college he works at, and I wondered if any of you lovely people might know of any really good books or websites that might be of use to me.

Tentative subtopics of the paper are:

  • a brief definition and description of LDing
  • history
  • recent research on LDing
  • what it’s good for
  • if you can think of anything else you think should be included, tell me!

I’m trying to stay away from anything heavily science-y (I have a feeling I’ll get a better grade of the teacher can understand what he’s reading about), and I’m not really interested in information on how to do it, although a few basic things about reality checks and different methods might be nice. Everything in the paper must be taken from a definite source, so no using things I already know.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your help! :content:

Stephen Laberges “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”. It has sort of everything. May be a little Science-y.
Then we have Patricia Garfields “Creative Dreaming”. It’s not only about lucid dreams but partly, as well as Tibetan Dream Yoga wich you should at least mention, I think.

As for websites, you’re here.


Q did start the the LD4all lucid dreaming school project information topic

and if you use search too you should find hebrew’s thread from when he did a talk on lucid dreaming

He was been doing a presentation in school about lucid dreaming. And link is THERE

Ooh, thanks. Very nice.