LD tool(s) you can't live without?

If this is a repeat, mod please delete but I couldn’t find anything quite like this. This is sort of a rip-off from a forum that I frequent on another board but relevant nonetheless.

In this day and age when we are all so busy during our waking lives, sometimes it is hard to make time for Lucid Dreaming. Sometimes you just don’t have time to wake up 2.5 hours early to do a wake back to bed or have the freedom to stay up for 24 or more hours to jump into a WILD no problem. In order to maintain a (somewhat, or a least what semblance of one we can) normal life, most of us have found shortcuts or tools that we use to help us become lucid as frequently as we want or desire. Some people use software, some dreammasks, others music, and still others use any number of different tools.

So,my question is, what is the most important Lucid Dreaming tool that you just couldn’t live without? For me, there are quite a few tools I could NOT be a lucid dreamer without. Oh, and sorry about the stock photos, I’m just too lazy to get the old digital cam out.

  1. I would definitely count my giant water bottle that I fill up to the brink and drink down right before bed so I have to wake up multiple times during the night to go to the bathroom and in the meanwhile I get free dream recall at these wake ups. Without this there would be very little dream recall which would make it nearly impossible to have a lucid dream.

  2. But then I remembered without Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge I probably would never have figured out how to lucid dream, learned about this website, or learned how to live a truly full life.

  3. As far as actually causing Lucid Dreams, though, my Casio Pathfinder 5 Alarm Hunting Watch with vibrating feature is probably the most useful tool. It gives me a reality check every hour of the day when I’m awake and also external stimulus into my dream to help me become lucid when I am dreaming. Better believe when anything odd or bizzare happens to my right wrist I am reality checkin’! Note, I am NOT taking credit for this method which I read about on this board, I just thought I would elaborate on a “vibrating watch”

4.& 5. I guess the honrable mentions have to go to my alarm clock and my desk lamp. The former because I have good success with trying to wake myself when I think I will be in REM sleep and it helps me get good recall on the last dream I was having before I awoke. The latter is just CRUCIAL on those nights when you are so tired you don’t want to get up to turn on the light but you know that if you don’t write that dream down in will be gone next time you go to look for it.

I guess I was just thinking one tool when I first came up with this post :uh: but if you are like me there are likely many crucial tools that help you have lucid dreams. Maybe if I get some good responses I can take some of the more popular items and put together a poll. Maybe this would help people who are having trouble working lucid dreaming into their busy lives know what things and tools can be useful and actually will help them have successful lucid dreams. Also it might help more experienced dreamers get an idea of what everybody else out there is using and maybe even give them some ideas they haven’t thought of. In fact, if a certain lucid dreaming community with a certain forum were business savvy, they might even thnk about choosing the most popular items on the poll and making customized items for this certain community to sell on this community’s website store section, especially for less experienced dreamers that stumble upon this website…


and my alarm clock.

  1. Comfortable bed with sheets
  2. Alarm clock
  3. Desk lamp
  4. Induction Techniques
  5. EWLD
  6. DJ
  7. Water

That’s mostly it.

  1. DJ
  2. My Mind
  3. My Soul
  4. My MP3 player (for my songs, and, moreover, the brainwaves)

Without my ear plugs, it would often be hard to sleep at all. I live next to the city’s biggest 1-7 grade school, and i have a pet.

My phone is important, both as alarm clock and as something to read when i for example wbtb. I have a web browser and irc client installed on it, where i can also save dream keywords.

2–Working pen and back up pen for dream journal (you won’t believe how many times my pen has run dry in the middle of writing an entry)
3–Dreaming affirmation list
5–flashlight (table light would be too bright and would wake up my wife)

  • My dreamjournal
  • Affirmations
  • Lucid dreaming mp3
  • My clock at the wall in front of my bed (with sound :-p)

(-And the lucid dreaming - clock screensaver, not that it works, but it’s a very beautiful screensaver XD)

My imagination…oh, and my pillow…grins

hadn’t really thought about it, but I like it. I’ll try and incorporate that into what I do.

oh and Tundra…Imagination and pillow go without say :content:

  1. DJ
  2. Milk and Cheese before bed…( for better recall [it helps :grin: ] )
  3. Silence
  4. Peace
  5. QUIET
  6. Alarm Clock

3-5 are not always avaliable. Darn my family to heck…

phone for alarm for WBTB
EWLD for reading material for WBTB


Without them I am nothing, with them I am everything.

Other than those two absolute essentials, my DJ and alarm clock of course. Maybe a bannana every now and then as well.

1.) Computer to go on LD4all.com

2.) Comfy bed

3.) B6

4.) Green Tea

what does green tea do?

maybe it calms him down

  1. DJ, and pen
  2. PB&J Sandwich
  3. Milk
  4. Water
  1. My pets which constantly show up in dreams

  2. My Casio G-Shock watch to RC with.

  3. My insanely vivid imagination. :grin:

I have been working with LDs for years, while not a master in comparison to some of the greats here, I wish to share 3 very valuable tools that I have come across . :

  1. Kava tea,
    Kava tea, when drank before bed, extends dramatically the time spent in hypnagogic sleep. I would say to do every day, but perhaps 3 times a week, so that the contrast is understood. When you fall asleep you are allowed to bear witness to the unfolding of thoughts without being interrupted by waking up, nearly as often.
    I have heard a great many theories that our society has deliberately blocked our ability to enter deep sleep in particular with electrical outlets which resonate in the delta range,
    Kava helps.
    ----------- of lesser note is chamomile , seems to pro-long dreams, but not NREM.
  2. Obsidian, I have found this crystal resonates with the exact state of being fully conscious within a void of total deep sleep non-existence. Spending time with an obsidian crystal, in particular snowflake obsidian, and asking for its assistance in dreaming, recommending I am.
  3. Orgonite,
    orgone generators, after about one week of keeping them under the bed, increase lucidity to a tremendous magnitude, so much so that if you ever sleep somewhere without them, you will wonder “wtf has happened to my dream recall?”
    Orgonite can be found readily available upon ebay, wikipedia will tell you about its history. There are many different types of generators containing different gemstones and radiating different color frequencies and general vortexes.

one would do well to make a vigilant ritual out of lying down upon the back and going to sleep, pretending as if they were dead, and refusing to move their body but one inch. This vigilance, and refusing to move, although a stretching and wiggling of the limbs is okay, causes an alertness and sends a strong signal to take this alertness into the dream world.
far above and beyond anything, I notice the more I give in and roll over, the less coherent my dream recall and dreams are.

my final observation is :
regardless of being lucid or not, it is far more rewarding to explore, ask questions, and learn, than it is to develop random ‘dream powers’
however this is said tentatively because now that I say it, i see both as rewarding.

a warning on orgone * it can awaken kundalini and cause intense experiences if you sleep with it. I once had 7 under my bed but they zapped myself and my dog quite intensely, now i have 3.