LD troubles

Hey all! I’ve been trying to ld for about 8 months now. I’ve only had a few but they’re all really short. Maybe someone here can help me out?!?! What I’ve realised is this. I’ll be in a dream for a while doing all the usual wierd dream stuff and just not think about whether or not it is a dream. Then about 1 or 2 minutes before I wake up I may realise it’s a dream, but the lucidity doesn’t last long - 1 to 2 mins. It seems that my conscious or logical side or whatever doesn’t actually start to work until a few minutes before I wake up which is when I can become lucid. Otherwise I just think the dream is reality or I don’t think about it. Anyone have any advice for me to extend my lucids or be able to become lucid earlier? Any help would be appreciated.

I think it’s the other way round (but i am not absolutely sure about it):
You don’t get lucid a few minutes before waking up,but you wake up a few minutes after getting lucid!

So,you need training to make your lucid periods last longer.Many people in here (including me) have the same problem.
There are several techniques: Autosuggestion,hand-rubbing,spinning technique,looking for lights,looking at your hands,not concentrating on one point…

Some of them are mentioned on this site,others were mentioned in the postings.I don’t want to describe all that i know right now,cause i didn’t all of them myself and perhaps you already know some of them.But we could make a new thread,a collection of techniques that prolong lucid dreams.
One thing that’s imho important:
Don’t try to hurry cause you want to use the time you have.When you get lucid,don’t try to fly or something immediatly.Just stay calm,look around a bit,don’t do anything special.You can walk around a bit,just try to stay lucid as long as you can.


I have probs with lucid dreaming to. i had only a couple in a couple ofweeks i have tried. i usaully get over exited and wake up. its whenever i try to fly i get to exited and it fades away. does anyone have any suggjetions?
i would hope for a least a little suggjetion. its eaither i could just never fly or try not to get exited.

when i flew it was really cool so i got excitied and thats when i fell flat on my face so i wouldnt lose it. my advice for you is to take some kindof food outs the fridge before you fly when i flew i had a carrot in my mouth (it works)

k download ill try that but i was running with my spirit guide i had no way of stopin. he made me come.

Hey thanx for the replies! :smile:
I’ve tried all that hand rubbing, spinning etc. That doesn’t seem to work well for me at all.
But I really am referring to getting lucid to just before waking up. I had this one really long dream and towards the end of it I asked someone what the date was. They gave me an answer like October 1925 or something and I became lucid at that stage. I didn’t do anything exciitng, just walked around. Woke up about 30 seconds later though.
If anyone is reading this and can easily go lucid, is it usually at the beginning of the dream that you realise you are dreaming? I guess that would depend on the length of the dream so how about this question? Depending on the length of your dream, whereabouts do you get lucid? Halfway? near the beginning?


Hmm,my lucid periods usually don´t last very long,too.Sometimes i recognize that it is a dream within the dream at some point,this can happen at any time (beginning,middle or end).
But sometimes i have dreams in which i am lucid from the beginning,but that aren´t wilds.
I fall asleep,lose my counciousness,and the moment the dream starts i know that i am dreaming without RCs or something.I think the reason why these dreams last longer is that i don´t feel the moment of getting lucid.This moment is usually pretty shocking and i get excited,so that´s why i often wake up in “normal” LDs.When i am lucid from the beginning i am quite calm

man,i am tired… :sleeping: