LD video gaming

i know this has probably been said before but try entering a game you like and winning it with unbelievable skills the other day i unified china on diynasty warriors try it! :grin:

[b]some idea’s for doing this are:

-Play the game before you go to bed
-imagine being in the game when you go to sleep
-then if your in it give yourself unimaginable powers!
-above all have fun and win that game![/b]

Sweet! that sounds like so much fun.
I’m going to try it if i remember.

I unintentionally entered grand theft auto. It was pretty weird, heh.

My ND s are like this all the time…

I play a video game in the dream, and then I become a character in the game.


Videogame dreams are cool. Last night, My friend and I were shooting up the place. It’s fun to go around shooting people with your friends. It wasn’t a lucid dream though.

I have had ND playing Halo and Morrowind but never in a LD.
Good idea btw. :smile:

I have a lot of game stuff in my NDs, and have had in LDs sometimes, mostly monsters, “questing” and some menu screens…

But still, it was never the aim of the LD :happy: I’ll try that out

Once i LDed that i was in Unreal Tournament. It was strange, because i was moving a “mouse” and “wasding” even though my hands were holding the gun. it was a very strange sensation untill i said “meh” and took total control of the character.

Shock combo is so fun to do in lucid dreams :content: