LD without even knowing they existed

A couple of days ago I had what I considered a “really weird dream” at the time. I kept thinking about it and ended up telling a friend who was like, “whoa! that was a lucid dream!” I had heard of them, but thought they were just something people did after taking drugs or meditating, so I started roaming around online for some info and found this site. Cool stuff. I hope I get some more!

Figured I’d share my groovy dream:

I’m not sure what I was dreaming about initially, I just remember getting a bit aggravated because I felt it was a boring dream. Then suddenly it felt like I broke through… or something in order to stop the dream or at least make it a bit more interesting. I thought to myself, “ugh I’m glad that’s over,” and then suddenly realized I was in control of my dream. I realized this was a new, rather bizarre experience and didn’t really know what to do at that point. I felt kind of guilty, like I was snooping somewhere I didn’t belong. However, that feeling has never stopped me in real life, so I decided to do some snooping!

I saw a stack of newspapers in the room and began wondering if my imagination was vivid enough to create whole newspaper stories. I slowly went over to the papers. It was a little hard to walk and I felt like the world had shifted into slow motion - I kept looking at my hands in wonder and thinking the whole experience was really cool and bizarre. Unfortunately, the newspaper text was garbled like you’d get on a misconfigured website and it would change as I looked away and looked back. There was one black and white picture of a man with a big black beard, but most pictures were nothing more than swirly blobs of gray and white. I started laughing to myself because I thought it was really cool that my mind made these fake props for my dreams. Then I thought I’d try to go and snoop around more, but when I tried to turn around to explore the rest of the room I woke up. Darn!

I do have one question about this. When I was in the dream, I was really struck with the feeling that it sort of wrong to be wandering around in my dream like that. Does anyone else ever get that feeling?

[color=darkblue]Yes, that is a well documented effect. Many use this as their RC!

Interesting dream, I too often laugh in LD’s out of disbelief! I feel like a maniac sometimes!

As for feeling wrong, I kind of know what you mean, but it hasn’t really been a big part of my experience. Sometimes I feel wrong or out of place. I have many irrational thoughts in low control LD’s. I once decided to wake myself up because I believed I was damaging myself in some way! Another time because I thought I needed the toilet (I actually didn’t!) and just the other day, I woke up because in my LD I tried opening my eyes more widely to make things more vivid! (It didn’t work blatently!)

LD’s are strange things and there are many different emotions and effects. Once you have a few LD’s and learn that these irrational thoughts are just that: irrational then this mindset may follow you into one of your LD’s and you will have a high control LD…[/color]

In the few LDs I had before stumbling across this forum and finding out what an LD is: yes, I did get that odd “Is this supposed to be happening?” feeling. However, I usually just started doing crazy stuff out of excitement :tongue: