LD4all 2009 fundraiser

Support LD4all!
Hello everyone,

I have always wanted LD4all to be a non-profit site. However, it does cost money to keep up and running. Domain name registration, internet account, hosting, and so on. Some of the costs are covered by the ads and by buying in the LD4all store. But this is not enough to cover everything.

Hosting costs
The costs for hosting are $1188 a year. Next to that, I also have remote backup space, this is $60 a year. So the total of the hosting is $ 1248 for a year.

I pay the cost monthly, so this comes down to $104 a month.

Grateful am I
I call upon your generosity :smile: Every gift is welcome :yay:
I ask everyone who is able to, to help me in covering for the hosting costs.

If we reach $ 1248, this will have covered the hostingcost until january 2010.

As always, I’m very thankful for your donations :happy: :flower: :cookiemon:

How to donate?
please go here (click this) to donate :smile:
While every gift is greatly appreciated, i need to point out that paypal takes a fee of 35 eurocents (about $ 0.40) plus 3.4 % of the donated amount. So if you donate $1 it takes almost half of it. I have always covered for those fees myself but it is good to keep in mind. That’s why I prefer it if you could send it directly to my bank account if possible, because then nothing is taken off.
please mention your forum username so I know who it is from :smile:

Direct money transfer (international):
If you’re from the EU and your currency is the Euro, you can also transfer money (without paying a fee) directly to my bank account. You will need the following information:IBAN: NL22 INGB 0005954454 (International Bank Account Number)
BIC / SWIFT : INGBNL2A (Bank Identifyer Code)
to: P.J.M. Krul
adress: Amsterdam
please include ‘LD4all donation’ and your forum username
Please let me know (by PM or email) when you have sent something to my bank account so I know who it is from

Direct money transfer for the Dutch:
If you are from Holland, you can transfer it directly to my girorekening: 5954454 tnv p.j.m. krul te Amsterdam :smile:
please include ‘LD4all donatie’ and your forum username

:boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

Generous givers

If you have donated you can use this image in your sig if you want, to show that you have donated. It links back to this topic. Use this code:

[url=https://community.ld4all.com/t/has-ld4all-helped-you-you-can-help-ld4all/29997] [img]https://www.ld4all.com/images/sponsoricon2009.jpg[/img][/url]
(note: remove the space when you put it in your sig, I put it like this to prevent widening of the page)

2009 donors:
note: if I do not know your forum name (or you don’t have one) I’ll use your initials in the list of donors

Twin :yay:
M.J. :happy:
ValkyrieChosen :yay:
Serpent Bearer :woo:
FiXato :slide:
bullet25 :happy:
anonymous :content:
siiw :cool_laugh:
bjalfi :woo:
Greyfyre :woot:
jojobull :happy:
inis :cheer:
P.M. :yay:
nightEagle :slide:
Amaryllis :fly:
Brizglace :cheer:
Y.R. :cool:
dreambob :slide:
Nikopol :happy:
Tosxychor :woot:
Lucid_nico :boogie:
finalsacre :yay:
S.S. :cheer:
monicalsol :happy: :happy:
Phel :happy:

:boogie: End total 2009: $818 raised :boogie:

Thank you so much everyone who donated this year! It is much appreciated! :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:

Why don’t you put some non intrusive ads up? It’s certainly much more reliable than relying on the generosity of others.

i’ll donate next month guys

I was just Googling around for info on foods to improve dream recall and lucidity and found your site. I noticed your request for donations to cover your hosting expenses and was shocked to see how much you are paying out of pocket.

I provide hosting for much less and often free for good people doing good work. Rather than donate cash, I can donate space and bandwidth unless you have extraordinary needs.

Feel free to email or contact me through: url removed due to spam rules


Hi Justin,
thanks for your offer :smile: I looked at your site. I don’t know what you would consider extraordinary needs, but what I do know is that LD4all has grown out of shared hosting some years ago. It needs quite a lot of bandwidth.

Can you let me know how much space and bandwidth you need on a monthly basis and I’ll see what I can do. Can you give me the details of your current hosting package so I can compare?


Hi Justin.

LD4all has it’s own server. The needs of LD4all extend to even the largest hosting package out there - not believing the “unmetered bandwidth” ones.
I also value my independence, the way things are now. So I decline your kind offer - even if you could provide the bandwidth, etc, needed, it would mean that I am not independent anymore.


Thank you for your donation, ValkyrieChosen! :happy: :yay:

I’m getting a job this year, so once I have a job, I’ll definitely donate some money. Can’t wait to be a proud donatee/sponsor/whatever. Hurray! :smile:

yay! :yay:

Thank you, Serpent Bearer! :boogie:

I got a donation on my bank account, but it only mentioned numbers and transaction ID’s, so I don’t know who it is from. Or for that matter, if it even is a donation :tongue: but I treat it like one :grin: So, if you donated to my bank account, could you please let me know, either by email/pm or here?

I wish I could donate but I’m too young for a job, and my parents will just stare at me (and maybe laugh…) if I tell them to.

Haha I just got a bank card, a hundred dollars, and pretty soon, I’m getting a job. I’m making my resume tomorrow, actually.


I might be the next sponsor :tongue:
But I WILL donate!

i get paid in 2 weeks so ill see if i can spare $10 or $20 USD.

great, bullet25 and Download :smile:

thank you for your donation, FiXato! :happy:

donated 15$ USD.

thank you bullet25! :happy:

I wonder why the image in your sig doesn’t show… perhaps remove the space before the last [/img]?

let’s get that amount below 1000! :boogie:

thats what it was, i copied it from your code on the first page so you need to fix that, i dont have the link in it because this is what happens with your full code

ah yes, you need to remove all spaces you see. And I can’t post it the way you should put it in your sig, because then it will stretch the forum layout :smile:

siiw, thank you! :happy: