LD4all goes twitter

From now on, LD4all is on twitter :smile:


nothing there yet, but I’ll put on important official LD4all stuff on there. If there is any :tongue:


/me follows instantly

FYI, I’m Arexith.

I added myself and follow :wink:

I hope this is gonna be a good way…

What dose twitter mean?

twitter is a site where you can “microblog”, that is leave short messages to others.

Thank you pasQuale. All I could think of was flower being twitterpated in bambi lol

\o/ I’ll follow. I’m IamRodrigo

nice! i just made 1 so i can follow LD4all :content:

Hahah! Yay twitter! :happy:

While I can’t exactly get it to work for me, I know how to follow people. :wink:

EDIT: Urgh…
I think I forgot my password and username >.<
I’m going to have to wait until I get back home from boston…

I’ve gone from whats twitter to following ld4all.
I’de better go back and figure out how to use it. :tongue:

Very awesome! :happy: I’ll add this… as soon as I get a Twitter that is. xD I have one already but I’m trying to keep my online activities on the DL with my IRL friends.

Cool :smile:
I´m following you now, so I hope I´ll get to read some fun tweets from you in the future!

i will join