LD4all hosting fundraiser: $601.17 raised, WE MADE IT!!!

i know ld4all can be very slow at times, and a faster server is the solution, but that costs money…

My current hosting contract expires the end of july. After that i want to transfer to something faster. And i already have found the hosting i want.

for the pro’s: ld4all will run on a Virtual Private Server with minimal 128 MHz CPU and 128 mb RAM.

for the laymen: it will be faster and have a lot more diskspace so ld4all can grow and thrive.

The costs are $400. That will give ld4all a year of hosting.

I call upon your generousity! Every gift is welcome!

please click on the support link in my sig and follow the instructions to donate thru paypal.

Alternately, if you’re from the EU and your currency is the Euro, you can also transfer money (without paying a fee) directly to my bank account. You will need the following information:

IBAN: NL71PSTB0005954454 (International Bank Account Number)
BIC : PSTBNL 21 (Bank Identifyer Code)
to: P.J.M. Krul
adress: Amsterdam

i appreciate it very much! Thank you for your support!

amount currently raised: [ $ 601.17 ]

We are over $400!

Thank you so much everybody!! :bounce: :bounce: :cool_laugh:

below is a list of the generous givers. If you don’t want to be mentioned, please say so.

Thank you DM7 :biggrin: , Siiw :cool: Liesje :spinning: , isotope777 :happy: COZ :thumbs: , Silva :smile: , Johan S :bow: , Nadine :mrgreen: , Obinnah :happy:, sno_isulli :good: , toadstool :happy: , ChicoRaton :cool_laugh: , Helcorax :thumbs: , Gerret :content: , puddingbunny :notify: , Saartje :content: , Raafje :happy: , SML , Macrophage :content: , Lucy :wiske: , Nanake :good:, Mystic :bow: , Atheist :bow: and Sentient :thumbs: !!

:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

I allways feel kinda ashamed when seeing posts like this…long time member,gaining profits off visiting this site and giving nothing in return.I wish it would change one day…but so far average wage in this stupid country is so small we all hardly pay our bills and save on food and everything basically.I hope i will be able to somehow return all i profited here and make it up.
When i can afford it,your donation link will be first on my list.
Again ,thank you Pasquale i hope i will be able to suprise you one day.

I agree with Jack… I feel so bad. Hopefully thing changes soon.

Lucky, I’m able to make a donation even though I don’t have any jobs. :smile: I wish you the best Q! :biggrin: Good luck!

Pasquale please check your PM.

I have some friends that are getting their own dedicated server and are doing EXTREMELY cheap hosting. They would be more than happy to host you I will send you the contact info and the Hosting plans to PM.

the point is, guys, everyone can afford a few bucks.
think of all the times you waste 5 bucks on a movie or pot or whatever.

Surely this site is worth a few dollars if you use it alot. from each person, it all adds up.

PS: you should put a link to this post in the regular forums because no one ever reads the “news” forum. Im sure more will donate

everybody listen to isotope777 :wink:

thanks for the suggestion, i’ve put more links in the forum to this post.

must… donate… money… must… click… on… donate… link… in … Q’s… sig

I’d love to donate. I really would. The problem is I’m 13 and have no money and no job.

You have to be very careful with donation things though as it can give the wrong impression.

Though if i could i would deffinately donate a few $$

I wish that was true. I can’t even afford my own internet connection, phone line or anything else right now :cry: and threads like this make me feel guilty because i can’t pay and i want to.

Q: the paypal links in your sig link are dead. As are the links on the paypal homepage. Or is it just me? :smile:
I’m not registered at paypal and I don’t have a credit card, but I guess it also works with bank account numbers. Right?
I’ll see what I can do with my restricted abilities, as soon as the pages load again.

hi mystic, thanks :smile:

on the dutch forum is the fundraising topic also, and in there you will find my gironummer :smile: if you are able to, i’d appreciate it if you donate directly to that one instead through paypal, since paypal takes off a tiny percentage off all donated money as commission.

paypal will be online again in an hour or so if i calculate the timing zone right.

Can I use a regular credit card or do I have to open a paypal account? I know it is free. I just never trusted the hole paypal thing.

You should not feel bad. You can only do what you can. Besides, you do contribute to the forms with your posts and by being an active member which helps to make the forum enjoyable.

I am sure almost anyone can afford a dollar or two. If everyone on the forum did that it would be more than enough.

milod, paypal allows you to use a credit card and it is a secure site. (Check for the little lock at the bottom of your page.)

Q, I was more than happy to donate. This is a great site and it shows in all the improvements that you make. The least we can do is give a little. :smile:

thanks sno_isulli :smile: :smile:

unfortunately, when ppl pay with paypal and don’t mention their forum names i generally have no idea who they are… so please put your forum name with your donation :smile:

hey Q don’t forget to edit the amount in the actual post too :smile:

stool420@macomega.com was me :razz:

I hate being 15. No cards to use, no money even if I did have a card…
I could ask my parents but I would probibly be in so much trouble if they realised that I was being corrupted by an internet forum at my young and fragile age that my donation would be my last contribution to LD4all, and I would dissapear from the forum all together. :eek:

I’ll promise you this: If LD4all’s still alive and well in 4 years I’ll donate quite a sum to you

hey, you should change the emoticon next to my name to this: :cool_laugh: remember that picture ffrom the picture thread? :cool_laugh:

Ah thx for giving the IBAN and BIC too, Q. Otherwise it would be difficult :smile:
I’ll go to the bank first thing tomorrow.

thanks mystic!

chico: ok :content:

Entirely ditto of the entire post…
Muaha! In 4 years, Uni computers, my own credit card, freedom!

Until then…