LD4all member names.

We all should know this, IMO. There’s been some annoying probs in adressing people.

Already a few months after I came here, everyone started to call me WMC, which I’d like to say aren’t neccesary to adress to me. Just the plain name “Cid” is enough.

Why can’t I call you WMC?

Because: “White Mage” is a class name, not a character name. From the Final Fantasy games, they breathe life into the parties. Romanji: “Shuromadoshi”, or “Shuromansenshi”.

Cid: “Cid” is the so super-popular name of one character per Final Fantasty games released by Square Soft, now known as Square Enix.

It’s enough to just call me Cid. “White Mage” was intended to display my personality in one word.

Hope this message gets to everyone. :content:

I had no idea that was so annoying? This happens all the time in internet communities, here we have CC, DMC, X and Q, to mention some. But if it is truly so annoying to see those abbrevations, i will stop at once.

It’s OK to abbreviate, but not giant names to giant abbreviations, like mine.

I don’t care if people call me Tony, AstareGod, Astare, whatever. I don’t even care if they capitalize or not. Whatever you want to call me, just make sure I know you’re talking to me :smile:

:boogie: i’m glad you liked my solution cid :smile:

NB! People who reads moogle’s last post; She sent me the solution through PM.

Hehe, edited my name, along with my Avatar! :biggrin:

I like your new Avatar, Cid. Looks great! :smile:

I actually snapped a photo og myself looking seriously to the right, “checking on my allies.”

I love the new avatar cid :boogie:

Looks better than the fake picture, doesn’t it? Now I’m at least not doing copyright infringement (do I?) on stealing a pic. Although I’m not doing © infringement because “Cid” is used in the entire FF series. :rofl:

But I hate doing it in pbrush, it keeps making the pics pixeled… :sad:

You can’t get away with copyrighting/patenting a first name unless it’s probably part of another name. Just won’t work :smile:

/me pokes Cid.

Change it to “Cidenstein,” and maybe it’ll work. :razz:

Von Cidenstein:)

Well, I’m staying with this name because it’s the only one usable. “Pensuke” is for a low-intelligence warrior, while “Atticus” is for a black mage, “Cid” was the only one which worked for a white mage class.

Why does Cid work for a White Mage class? I’ven’t ever seen any Cids being a White Mage. Unless s’from some earlier SNES games and I just don’t remember :content:

Go to www.newgrounds.com and search for Author “Mousekliks” and click his Flash movie “Final Fantasy A+” and watch it. You’ll get why.