LD4all Minecraft Server *INFO ON NEW UPDATE*

This is a great idea! is the server up? I cannot connect to it. It asks me for a server name as well as IP, what should I put for server name?

It seems there aren’t any hands to set up and maintain an actual server sadly. Also the IP on the first post “” signifies an internal ip, which is similar for every LAN, what is needed for connection is an external IP (www.whatismyip.com).

Randomly pops up out of nowhere after a long leave

I have a server!!!

it will mostlikely not be full-time but will be up quite a bit. :wink: i might give this idea a shot

As soon as I get minecraft, I’ll be joining you <3

Which isn’t anytime soon :c

I was going to try joining now but my minecraft gave me some stupid error D: I’ll try fixing it later, I guess.

EDIT: I managed to join, but there was no one there. I was going to leave a sign with “mattias was here” but I couldn’t break any trees :razz:

Im still making the server and a quick EDIT

This is not a server for ONLY LD4All it is a shared server wiht other people, but i love you all so much i will make an entire seperate world that is only for ld4all members :smile:

Awww, that makes all of our hearts melt :wink:

I prefer if it would be survival and not exploration mode, what about you others?

Wow, i’ve been off for quite some time, but i’m glad the server got up!
I’ll get on when i can

Fixed the problem with not being able to do anything :razz:

I’ve joined your server and I played a little bit. I like it, I have to say. I hope I’ll see other players…


As soon as i get a mouse in about 2 weeks i’m so joining this.

I have a 24/7 server hosted by Beastnode now. Feel free to join!
Server IP: worldcraftmc.zapto.org

Nicklebrick’s server is awesome! I’ve been getting on everyday, and me and my friend pretty much just own village, expanding upon each house and making them have uses. Get on it if you can!

Sooo… I can’t connect to it. :sad:

Is the server still up?
If so what are the uptimes?

Nicklebrick’s seems off and 4therace’s gives me a “can’t resolve hostname” error… I’ll try again later!

Okay, I went ahead and made the (un)official Minecraft server. :razz:
It’s a survival map and should be up 24/7 (in theory… there are issues outside my control). Have fun everyone.

Address: minecraft.ld4all.info:29578

Make sure to include that port number otherwise you’ll get the wrong map.

Also, if you like voice chat too, I’ve been hosting the (un)official Mumble chat for a while now.
Mumble can be downloaded here: mumble.com/mumble-download.php

And here’s the address: voice.ld4all.info | port: 6920

Just checked the server out for fun. It looks like a nice vanilla server :content: There’s already a small settlement near spawn it seems.

I haven’t played Minecraft in a very long time so I’m both rusty and unfamiliar to changes. Case in point, I was getting hungry and low in life so I crafted a fishing rod to get some fish from the nearby river. To my surprise, I caught an enchanted fishing rod instead of a fish. I thought for a moment that maybe it was just someone who dropped it there but then I swore I saw it came from my fishing. I looked it up later and it turned out you can now fish for treasure and junk as well. Now I have two fishing rods.

It was a quick bit of fun. Maybe I’ll start playing again.

Yep. Minecraft is always adding new features/blocks/whatever with each of its updates. Keeps things fresh.
Would be nice to get more people on the server. :happy:

/me fished out an enchanted bow with Power IV.

I seriously did not think anyone would still be using the ancient program called Hamachi, There are a lot more programs that crushes Hamachi completely. Try Evolve for example, A thousand times better than Hamachi and more dedicated for games. Great program, even works better then hamachi and less trouble.

I went on, but nobody else was online. :sad:
I’ll try again later.