LD4all Minecraft Server *INFO ON NEW UPDATE*

link to Wyvern’s 2014 post with info to connect to his server :moogle:

I just one of my whacky ideas again! I know we have some minecraft fans on the forum and I am asking for Moderator (And PasQuale’s) consensus on making a free minecraft server for us Lucid Dreamers to meet and hang out via the server. I am also asking for your permissions to do this and please post your opinions or ideas below in the topic.

EDIT: Thank you one and all for your patronage and constructive opinions! With the new Minecraft update (1.3.0), there is a local internal server hosted for single player. I do apologize for the hefty delay as I have no experience with Hamachi and have had several problems with it but do have the local LAN server IP address.


(If there are any problems to this method or if you cannot login to this IP address please PM me.)

Times online:
-10:00 AM-7:00 PM EST Sat-sun
-4:00-7:00 EST Weekdays

I approve of this idea.

Oh definitely approved. Would the server be survival or creative? And you said free for LD4all members, that would mean a whitelist, right?

/me imagines a land plot for Wolfgame and Vampiregame.

Sign me up! :happy:

I approve so much, that if you put that approveness, added one drop of radiation, and put it in a nuke it would blow up the sun.


It would be creative/survival/PVP if you guys want, I could create separate areas of the server for each faction (Wolf Game, Vampire Game, DarQside, Rhewin’s Archangels). I will go ahead and start on the server tonight or begin on the Spawn point and post pictures for your guy’s critique and yes, it will be whitelisted if I can get that feature on Habachi LogMeIn. Thank you for the approval!

you sir, are a genious

This idea…I.I.I…I dont know what to say.I will play.

*Castillo walk away, munching on cookie and figuring out what his skin will be

I’m so in and I know other people that haven’t posted here yet that will! :grin:

I thought about this a few times, but I know little about servers and how to get one free…? Anyway, I think survival might be more fun since there’s fighting crafting and you can do everything you’d do in creative… but I’d play creative as well :razz:

This will be awesome :nuu:

… Hate to break your enthusiasm here, but wouldn’t a minecraft server take a host? Hosting it on someone’s computer would 1. Be slow and 2. Rack up a lot of bandwidth. I had a friend that use to run a server for another game, and he had to pay for an external host for that. If that’s the same case with minecraft, it most likely would not be able to be hosted on ld4all’s server, unless we paid a lot to up the bandwidth. /me coughs and runs away from the fans


Count me in too! As long as the server is in offline mode.

Don’t worry about that, Eilatan. I will be hosting this on a remote Hamachi host.

Hamachi has a possibility of introducing more lag than usual. Also it requires some people to download software that they might not entirely trust (it does mess around with your network settings after all).
I use hamachi, but it is not the best solution when setting up a server.

/me approves this

If this would happen (though i’m not sure since it isn’t really about dreaming…) I’ll need a post how to install Minecraft and hot to join the server :tongue:.

edit: Scary Hamachi servers and internet changes? o_O

Good luck there, Koco. Hamachi can lag at the best of time, and it would still seep from your bandwidth.

Well, hamachi does change some adapter settings I think, but they haven’t caused my computer any harm, and I doubt it does for others, but there are sceptical people out there.
And due to the nature of Hamachi itself, it can cause some extra lag than necessary, but then at the same time, it might not. It’s a workaround program that should be used when necessary.

Whenever i make servers I use hamachi, and theres barely ever any lag.

This sounds awesome! I’d totally play!

All in all, hamachi or not, I’m interested.

Updates, anyone?