LD4all on youtube

You have already spotted the “Inception” inspired videos perhaps.
Now I uploaded a new video, all LD4all-ish.


Lucid Inspiration

:clap: nice video :happy: the lucid art you have drawn was beautiful, I even got ideas what to do now in my LD’s :cool_raz: the music was good too :content:

bonus points for the one who can name the forum numbers of the paintings shown in the video :grin: :wave: Bruno

Glad you like it - and good it’s inspiring :happy:
you know most of the dreams I talk about are in my LD4all DJ :content:

Nice video, pasQuale. Lucid “Inspiration” is a good title…I think the video could really influence some people to get interested in LD’s. Which is always a good thing: the more the merrier. :happy:

The art is absolutely beautiful Q! :content:
How was diving into the sun? Just wondering :grin:

Flying Into The Sun

here you go :content:

That was really inspiring…i got a LD! :cool_laugh:

That was very increadible! :grin:

Nice. I subscribed to the channel as soon as I found out it existed.

The dream artwork is beautiful. :happy:
I’ve found the best way to get people into LD’ing was emphasize the possibility of unlimited possibilities. This video will surely inspire a lot of people.

Very nice job Q! :smile:

The music is beautiful!

You achieved some cool dream goals, deeply inspiring, and your paintings & drawing are beautiful too! Thank you :smile:

Very good video and I like the music too. :cheer: :music:

Wow… I’m stunned ! Very interesting… how much time did you spend just to teach us all how to LD… 9 years ? :eek: Thank you… we are all truly grateful :smile:

Oh, I like the part “Who are you and why are you chasing me ?” " I’m you’re fear of the unknown !" - I read that in the guide. The soldier was chasing you and you hid under a bridge and… well, here’s how to get to it:

Firs of all click here, then choose “while” (mouse over it - can be found up on the page), and choose “nightmares”. Scroll down to the end of the guide and you’ll see pasQuale’s experience there :smile:

Sorry for the long thing… hope you won’t get mad at me pasQ :neutral:

Hey Don, good you remember that :smile:
yes, that’s indeed from that dream.

that was awsome Q. I loved those answers you got. Espesaly “You are allways dreaming”, and “the universe is young, and old”. The answers seemed very profound, and enlightning. Ive had dreams like that, and often wondred if what they say is true. What do you think? How much stock do you put in to what they say?

Very good, just post more videos; and please give us more tips in the videos like
1:how to make your lucid dreams more lucid
2:how to remember your dreams with crystal clarity
3:new lucid dreaming techniques that work better
4:how to use your dreams to make real life breakthroughs
5:how to control your dreams better