LD4all ongoing challenge ideas

would you be interested in participating in a dreaming game that goes on for years, with no signups or commitment necessary?

i thought it might be fun to have a topic for ideas people have for ongoing challenges, things that don’t have a short time constraint like the LC, NDC, or wings quests.

i mentioned in the latest wings quest it would be fun to have an ongoing challenge to try to collectively complete all uncompleted wings quests. and i also noticed that DeRuyter mentioned he had an idea about an ongoing teams based quest in another topic.

i think theres opportunity for longer quests, either cooperative or competitive, where people can participate whether they visit frequently or not, and whether they lucid dream frequently or not, over a longer period of time. ideally this would be compatible with, and in addition to, other challenges and quests.

so if youre interested or have ideas, heres a place to discuss them!

(also for those who have been around longer, please do link to any similar things that have gone on before!)

the forum has other games that are casual and ongoing with changing themes, like word game and word association, where its easy to participate or not day to day as your schedule allows. maybe we can invent a similar game but that requires using dream recall or incubation?

I love the idea of this, and totally just recalled that there is already a Dream “Treasure” Hunt game going on. The idea is that the person who dreams of the designated object gets to pick the next object that should be dreamt of. Anyone can try dreaming of this, as it is a short challenge for incubation and recall.

I wonder if this type of format could work here. :content:

ooh, dream treasure hunt looks like a lot of fun, cant believe i missed that! i will plan to participate :smile:

good, now that we have an existing example, it should be that much easier to brainstorm more kinds of dreaming games :happy:

heres some more ideas:

  • collaboratively explore a dream place
  • together furnish an LD4all house by finding examples of various household items in our dreams, kind of like with the LC
  • together collect 100 dream sightings of something specific, like a “100 cats challenge” or “100 spoon sightings” or something. or maybe it’s competitive with teams: cats vs dogs :grin:

Hmm… I think it would be quite cool to have some more, longer term challenges! I didn’t even know about the treasure hunt one! I do like the idea of a longer term game with less strict rules / end-states.

Hello, here is my contribution to the topic:

I think creating an ongoing challenge could cause a major issue on finding “who is going to host”.

Could we create some sort of ongoing challenge that basically revives the “the BIG LD4all Quest Travel Log” instead? It would be easier to maintain.
The idea is [re]attempting old quests regardless of wings as an achievement collector.

[spoiler]Back when the Travel Log was created, there were less quests, it could be confusing now.
Perhaps we could make it more specific as well to nail down the quest list per period and update the period afterwards.

It should be easy to do considering the quests are already there.[/spoiler]


No, because
A new tasks/goals don’t have to be thought up.
B there is no complicated scoring system.

The ones taking part will be able to discuss/decide how it would run. If on going totals need to be added to a first post, a moderator can do it on request.

NDC and LDC were launched successfully by normal members.

the ld4all quest travelogue looks fun, thanks for bringing it up Tggtt! i have my own travelogue in my signature, which was moogles suggestion :smile:

i wonder what other existing ongoing challenges im missing? :tongue:

i think we can find kinds of challenges that lend themselves well to a longer ongoing structure. the lc and ndc both require a lot of hands-on work by their hosts, and that would be tough over a longer period of time! so we dont want to try to replace those or make longer versions of those. but a different kind of challenge without as complicated a scoring system could require little or no work by the first poster or host.

games like the treasure hunt are in a sense hosted by whoever has posted most recently. on the other end of the spectrum, the quest travelogue has people individually updating their own posts to keep track of many things.

i like the idea of reviving something like the quest travelogue but in a format that better accommodates the huge number of existing quests and has a bit more ongoing interaction!

Yea… I feel like a longer term challenge could be managed by whoever is participating. Sort of like the group deciding what direction it could go within some loosely defined objectives.