LD4all Quest 26: The Spirit of giving

I’m hoping to give a DC angel wings to fly. Maybe I’ll get something back?

Alright i will c what i can do

ok i am not there yet, but i did have a dream in wich i bought moogle the present. i know this dream doesn ot count but i am posting it here anyway

december 18 2007:

a present for moogle?

i was joining some soft of reall life RPG game in a castle, me and some others were playing orcs and had to dress up as such. we had to put on leather armor and ware paper mask that looked like orc faces. we all got a couple of weapons, i had two razor swords that looked more like elf swords. because we were orcs we had to begin our quest in the cellar of the castle, others who were knights could start on the higher floors.

jump on some point the other orcs got trapped in a circle room, i knew that room was dangerouse but when i told them that they did not listen. i saw a shop and rememberd that i had to buy a gift for moogle, i had some gold with me. there were lotts of weird things in the shop but the shop manager recomended a helmet that could make wishes come true if you put it on, so i bought that one since it thought was a nice present for her.

Hippo was it lucid?

I didn’t suceed on the last quest so ill try again :smile:

no it was not lucid :sad: i had a lucid dream last night in widch a rememberd moogles present again but still not deliverd it.
december 22 2007:

still not close enough for wings yet!!! :grrr:

i knew i had some dream before this, but i cant remember that one. i remember i was half awake and though “i could go straight into a lucid dream from here!” so i fell asleep while keeping in mind that i was going to dream. i was still in my bed, and knew i could be dreaming since my tiredness was gone and i felt happy. i got out of bed and walked to the window, hmm everthing was the same…i checked my hands and decided to count my fingers, i counted 7 fingers!! :eek: THIS WAS A DREAM!!! i wanted to go outside and decided to take some stuffys with me, nezzel? fatty? no i would take berry and her sister. i went downstairs with the stuffys but in the hallway i rememberd i should take moogle her present to her, but first i would check out antrophia, i had not been there a long time. i went outside to the street of antrophia and discoverd the building still looked the same but now even bigger. there was a group of stuffys and childeren looking at a movie playing on a tv that was set in one of the walls of antrophia. i decided to watch a bit. the movie was about a small boy that was looking around in his fathers iron factory, on one moment he fell in a barrel with liquid iron!! :eek: his father took him out, he had to be washed with water to get all the iron off, i saw there were stuffys in the movie doing this and thought “yep this is still a dream” the boy started to mutate and changed into a cyclops monster. :eek: then there was a scene iwth naked people in a bed. when i looked over my shoulder i saw berry was pesterd by some male DC’s who were pulling her arms. i told them to leave her alone and carried her away from them, when i looked over my back again i saw that some sabertooth tigers were following me (did the DC’s change?) i climbed up the roof to avoid them. the roof was made of cusions and there were more stuffys here hanging around. i enterd my bedroom trough the window and decided it was time to wake up since i had to clean my room irl, so i lay down in my bed and focused on waking up it worked.

/me wants to know what stuffys is…

First off guys, apologies for the length or any missing details that cause confusion, I woke up around 4am and didn’t write this down so my memory is not quite as clear as it could be, lets hope it comes back to me the more I write.
Q this one is for you.

Monday 24/12/07 Lucid

Giving to Q

I am standing with a group of people we are in an underground area; it’s a large tour guide. To my left is a sharp rock face with many different colours of rocks shinning gems and a small trickle of water. To my right is a large rain forest, with trees of many different heights and thickness. I am on a board work, or a path, we are being led by a tour guide around this underground zoo and aquarium. We walk down the path as I talk to some people and something strikes me as odd, I do not recall what it is but I stop and look around me.

[color=blue]Lucidity kicks in at full tilt and the world shakes a bit and shimmers. People stop and all turn and look at me. I smile and then laugh, there is an odd feeling to this dream, an out of this world experience. The sound of the water crashing over the rocks gets louder, and I jump into the air, and slowly float back to the ground. People are looking at me and talking while some DC grab my attention and tell me to look over the trees as I will see something worthwhile, apparently that is the direction we were headed.

Using my will I float into the air, but can’t seem to control my height and keep falling back to the ground. I try 4 times and each time I get better at it but am confused about my inability to control my flight, I have never been an expert at flying, it’s like every time I go lucid I have to ‘remember’ how. I the times that I do get high enough for long enough I catch glimpse of a wonderful world over the trees. Convinced to see it properly I land.

I focus my mind on myself and I think this is dream, as I think it i echo the words out loud. With each word the dream pulses and I feel my connection with the dream increase; my lucidity boosts and people look at me and smile. DC nod as I feel them take on a new dimension of consciousness. Now focused I fly up into the air without any issues and look over the bank of trees.

What awaits me over there is incredible, although on this side we are underground, over on that side is a new world, the rain forest by itself is fantastic with so much life and beauty, but as I float a little higher I see sun beams breaking through rock that no longer exists to meadows and trees, rolling hills and waterfalls, rivers and so much colour and life.

I hear a sound that makes me look up and I must have literally held my breath in my sleeping body. Rising up over the trees and a huge whale, with fins like a stingrays. It is about 3 times the size of an average house, and it is multicoloured. Gold silver reds blue, green and black with silver specs. I feel power come from this creature as it swims through the air over my head and lets out a sound that I know I could understand if I were to change the way I listened. It gently and magnificently swims above me as I float a little further down to get better view. It swoops around and wings by for another pass. I look down at the people below; most of them can’t see it, if at all any of them.

I float back up into the sky, much higher as the whale comes by for another pass. I have never seen such beauty nor has my lucid ever been in such another world. As the whale comes closer I hear its call and this time change the way I listen, as I do I feel it inside my mind as it speaks ’ no one else can see, this is just for you’ and I understand the special nature of this creature. I float higher with the thought of reaching out and touching it


Now in a new area I still feel the whales’ song in my mind. Along with it came such happiness that I cannot describe and stability of the dream. I am flying through the air, through trees up and over til I land on the ground. I feel the wooden pathway under my feet and raise my hand to the sky. With it I rip over a silver portal that shimmers and shakes the dream world around it. Jumping up and flying at full speed I rip through the portal at full speed.

I land at my old primary school, a place I knew I would be dreaming about again soon. I breathe in the memories and smile. There are people here and I don’t really remember why but I go and help them with things, the feeling of what I am doing is not s much lucidity but more “fixing memories”? Every task I am doing I am helping myself somehow.

I spend a large proportion of the dream moving through memories primary school high school and college, I never touch on uni. Each memory is situated around the primary schools environment. I remember almost losing the dream 3 times and each time I would fly through clouds and mist but pull myself back into the dream with full lucidity.

After I had helped doing what I was doing. Stood in the middle of a park and looked at the tanbark beneath my feet, smiling me line jump around the school. I feel my body and the world around it as I focus my energy, I see the point where I want to be and force myself down into a beam of light, and shoot towards that spot, I am filled with two feelings, time seems to slow down as I shoot through a world of energy and where everything has a glow around it, I am aware that I could stay here forever, but at the same time I am aware of the speed I am moving and how I can’t even fly this fast in any of my lucids.

I line jump to a park in the middle of the school and as I reform I wonder what to do next, how this lucid dream has lasted so long, longer than any other and sitll I know that waking up, no my rem period, is a why off ending. I had no reason to think about waking up as now I knew that I would not, I would only fall out of REM, I stand and wonder what that would be like when this conscious. As I stand there I think about Q and remember the quest. Smiling I turn around with new focus.

One way or another I am going to enter Q conscious, or at a least a part of myself in a part of hers, I do need to give that present. I look around me and notice that there is metal play ground equipment all around. I fly the pieces in the air as they spark and form a huge arc. An upside-down U. as the pieces fly around they join magnetically with each other and I can feel their pull. Each time they join they spark and energy blasts across the dream. The structure I have built is massive, but it is jaggered. I use my mind to smooth out the edges and meld it into something beautiful to look at.

Writing forms along the edges that I cannot read, I don’t remember putting it there consciously. My intention is clear, create strong portal that I can use to get into Q dream, but as I don’t know where to start I call on my inner self to create a guide.

Next to me a large dog forms out of the dream world, shaking excess dream ethia off as it does so. It looks at me and nods as it changes dog types and shapes to all as my sub conscious finds that right one. It eventually stops on beagle, or a sniffer dog, but the size of a great Dane. I smile at it and I can feel its thoughts as its lets me know it can ‘sniff out’ Q’s dream.

I look back to the arc and focus my intention of building a portal between this dream and Q’s dream, now or in the future. I feel energy burst from myself at the arc and as it hits dead in the centre a silver portal rips into existence. It shimmers and shakes and falls like a water fall into nothingness. I look at my guide and this time I am not afraid. The dog starts to sniff and I attach my energy to it as we fly into the portal.

As I hit it I feel like I am ripped painlessly into a 1000000 pieces of energy and tingling. I feel the dogs’ energy and I hold on. So I rip into another dream world. I am in a car park I think; this world doesn’t feel the same as the last. It feels so alien so… not mine. There is almost a scent here, something that I realise is in my dreams all the time, not a smell but more a signiture of me. Except this scent is not mine.

I d not have a body or form, nor does my guide but I can still see it in my mind’s eye, there are people here but they speak a different lang, but I find that behind the words I can understand the meaning. Something feels odd; it’s not as stable as the dream from which I came. My energy is dispersed and something is fighting my presence forcing me back. I send the dog out to find Q, I feel the dream slipping as I am being pulled back to my body. Using will I stabilize the dream, my lucidity surges across the dream world and attaches to everything in a light blue before fading back to normal colour. I feel my sig all around now, but only temporary. The dream has taken on an awareness of its own that was not there before, I feel lucidity from everything but different to mine.

“Pasquale!” I call out, “Pasquale where are you”

My voice sounds strange and different, more like a thought spread out then a sound. I feel it bounce off objects till I hear a call back

“Richard?~Timeless?, Over here!!” It calls from behind some trees and I move my energy towards it, I feel the guides energy float around then shoot towards it at full speed, I attach my energy with it and come along for the ride. I stand before a woman with short hair and a thin build, her appearance does not seem stable, although she does not look identical to Q her presence is. She is confused at where I am so I will myself a form. The dog follows suit as it appears out of the dream world and sniffs around this person who claims to be Q.

I smile- Q I have a present for you. ( now everybody else can read this bar Q, until the time is right, either when Q dreams it or when its Christmas :wink: )

SPOILER - Click to view

I look down at my mind and will my present into existence. Little golden balls of light appear and shape my gift. It forms a golden hourglass with little golden wings coming out of the side. Its soft golden texture takes on a texture like hand crafted wood and it flaps into the air above my hand. It’s small about the size of my palm. I put energy inside it, a gift more than just what it appears, a gift of time and knowledge. Although I cannot express in words what the power was, it is a timeless energy that is alive on its own self

I move it with my mind towards Q and she takes it. This form of Q looks at me and smiles and says “I will make sure I give it to her tonight, it’s not the right time yet” Confused by this statement I remember our time zones are different.

Something enters the dream, much like a large conscious thought is the only way to describe it, and the dream fades, I again blast into 1000000 pieces and feel myself fly through a grey mist to SNAP back into my body. I have never felt that before [/color]

I open my eyes and remember the dream. Smile and think about getting up to write it down, I know I should but…im comfortable so I decide to remember it and go back to sleep, into another special dream but not here to post. And of course this morning I only remember what I have written above, there was so much more and so much more detail and adventure, but this will have to do.

I hope you get your present Q, don’t peak till Christmas hey :wink:

Awesome dreaming Richie… That’s brilliant - the way you set up that magnetic dreamsharing structure! I also love how your inner self called a dog as a guide to “sniff” out pasQuale’s dreams.

I’ve found animal guides like cats & dogs to be excellent trackers within dreaming - i can really relate to that experience of moving into formlessness and allowing them to carve a path to your chosen destination… But still that dream was something else! Very impressive!

oh and pasQuale thankyou for reminding me about my side of last year’s bargain. I’ll work on it.


oh! :hyper:

what an incredible dream richie! I haven’t clicked the spoiler, and I won’t, until I dream of finding it. Thank you!!! :happy: Now I have to find you too, I might call upon that dog of yours to help me find you :smile:

Thanks guys :smile: Muchly.

Well until tomorrow. Merry Christmas :smile:

i have the feeling you guys just overlooked the dreams i posted…

hippo, Ansie replied to it. Plus usually there aren’t tons of comments on the dreams in adventures anyway…

Good luck with delivering it next time :content: Don’t forget about it!

/me waves to hippo :wave:

i became lucid last night and remembered the quest :yay:
link to full dream in DJ

SPOILER - Click to view

I got a gift, wrapped it up and teleported to the labyrinth … but woke up before getting to hippo :meh:

They are soft toys that are alive and feature in a lot of hippo’s dreams as his helpers.

:clap: moogle! halfway there! now next LD you only need to find hippo and give the gift :happy: congrats on your LD :happy:

sorry for my reaction earlyer, sometimes i just dont realize what i am saying :shy:

i had a dream in wich i gave moogle her present! i hop it is good enough for wings :grin:

december 30 2007:

wings here i come!

i was at the libery with my boss (from work) one reck of books sealed off a hallway to a other part of the libary, we wanted to know what was behind it so we started to take books of the recks there, i discoverd that there were a lott of old comics between the books that i had lost, so i keeped them apart to read the later, there were also candys between the books, i ate some and they tasted sweet. when we cleared the way we saw that there was an other part of the libary there that we had never seen before. there was a blond woman DC at a desk, when she saw us she said “welcome, you have find a secret part of the libary, only hardcore readers can find this section”

jump or scene shift? my father had invented a “moniculair transportation device” wich i will call MTH, the MTH could transport objects by breaking apart the moniculair structure of the object and put them back together again on a other location. a lott of people came to watch the MTH demostration, one of them, a female, was dressed up as a moogle! she had weared a coat with a pompom on the hat and her face was white with a red nose. this made me remeber my present for moogle this could be a dream… i feeled good! this is a dream! i feel in my pockets and fish out the magical helmet, i walk up to the moogle and ask her if she is actually the moogle i know she says “yes it is me” and hugs me very thightly, she does not lett go when i give the helmet, she seems to like it since she smiles. i ask her "why are you dressed up as a moogle, moogle replyes "it is to scare someone i know, im going to sit outside his house as a moogle and say “hmm i feel like humanflesh, i want to eat someone” though this sounds ugly we both laugh about it. then moogle decides to try out the helmet and puts it on her head “i wish i was a salamander” she says and actually changes in one! :eek: she is now a little orange salamander and runs away trough the streets, i chase after her being afraid she might get killed by a car. when some dogs show up the salamander runs back to me and says “hippo help me away from those dogs!” somewhere round here i wake up.

woo, congratulations hippo! :happy: :woot: Yes, that earns you wings :happy: Now moogle, almost there, one half wing to go now :yay:

Is there a way for us to know the next Quest while there is already one in progress?

I’m going to try this one :content:

nope. Since I don’t know it myself :tongue: I always write the next Quest a day or so before the other one ends.

Giving a present 02/01/08

I am in a building. I think that I might be dreaming I try to fly. I can! I am dreaming. I want to go throught the seeling. It does not work. I try again. It works. I see Holland as a map. I can see Amsterdam. I go there. I see that a part is from belgique. I do not think that that is strange. I am in Damplein in Amsterdam. I am supposed to meet Pseudos. I want to give him a present. I have package. I can hear him in my head but he has not arrived yet. Then I see him I can’t see his face. I give the present.

I can’t rememeber what the present was :sad: