LD4all Quest 36 ~ October ~ Listen!

Last night I had my third Lucid dream :smile: and I was flying to the ocean and on my way I flew through a forest and all of the trees were rotten, And I landed on one to take in the whole scenery and the tree I was sitting on said to me: “Don’t break me, earwig.”, I jumped off, even though my name isn’t earwig :content: And then I decided To listen to it, and not break it. So I flew away.
I don’t think I should get wings though because I didn’t know about this quest when it happened, I just learned about it today. I want to try it on my own. :content:

awesome dream winter depths!

YAY! I finally did it. But only for a brief moment did I become lucid. So I don’t know if it counts.

G was actually in this dream for a bit too. Anyways we were on a ship and I was running up some steps. It was cold and I could hear the ship creaking. I kept running. Until I reached a certain floor…uh…number…sorry can’t remember. ANyway I stepped into the hallway. It was quiet and cold. I could hear my heart punding faster. THere was a room that said Morgue on it. I walked in without thinking. There was a table in the center with that plastic curtain that surrounded the table. I could hear the faint drip of liquid hitting the floor. At this point I lost my senses of smell and touch. But I could hear, oh god I could hear still. I heard at faint yell that I could tell was coming from the hallway. I ran out only to be greeted with by a man, he grabbed me by the throat. Then some guy came and punched the other guy that tried to kill me. In my head I said it was G. We ran down endless hallways…filled with screams of pain and terror surrounding us. Then we ran to the door at the end of the hallway…G openned it and there was a man there with blood all over his face. The last thing I heard was G saying “oh, son of a b-”

I woke up to a woman trying to read something to a girl. We were still on the ship, but now I was in a cabin and G disappeard. :shy: :tongue: The woman turned to me and said “get into your uniforme and then I shall quiz you. Hurry up!” And with that she left the room. I got my uniform on which reminded me of a Browines get-up.
Anyway, the woman came back in and asked me some questions. I shall spare you the details of the odd conversation we had.

We left the room. All of us. THen we went outside to the deck…there was a party going on. And apparently I was a slave girl, to the creatures that were torturing the people. G came up to me and threw a hug at me out of no where. I looked around and randomly got out "THis…is…is…a dream!! " Fortunately there was a radio sitting not so far away and I turned it on. Happy light music came on and slaves and creatures started dancing. I lost my lucidity at that point. I saw the man that tried to kill me and I screamed. Everyone looked at me…I knew I shouldn’t have done that, so I said…“look!! the waterfall explosion is sooo beautifull!!” I looked at the thing and it actually was. Purple water and sparks coming up and it was simply breathtaking. G disappared again.lol. I woke up after that.

Whew…long post… :peek: :shy:

Good job :thumbs:

I think it counts, but its up to you to decide if you have the wings or want to try again.

Thanks GHOSTIE!! That was actually last nights dream. So I think that one counts since I knew about it this time! :tongue:

your dreams are freaking awesome!

Youre welcome :mrgreen:

I have awesome dreams? Lol, more odd ones…thanks though! :tongue: :happy:

Thought I’d finally have a go at a quest last night and I think that I managed to nail this one. Ended up with some extremely random results. Woke up in the morning, put on my trusty lavender eye mask and away I went!

I appeared in what was a dog show in a park that I have never been to before. The first thing that I can recall was a minature dachshund race, where one of the dachshunds was about 10 or so metres longer than the rest. Funnily enough… this seemed fairly normal and understandable at the time… until it began eating the other contestants! Realising where I was and that my brother was waking me up any minute to drive him to school, I knew that I had to act fast to get this quest done. I ran up to the 10 metre dachshund so I could pick it up and have a listen… but I ended up getting eaten by the sausagey beast >=/. Well that failed.

Luckily enough the LD just faded out and I could re-enter it without waking up. I was back at the dog show, and the 10 metre dachshund had now taken the form of some giant bug, looking remotely close to the Slurm Queen from Futurama. I decided that this was currently not going anywhere and I needed to hurry along. I looked over into another direction and noticed a few pedistals, each of which had an item on it. I quickly flew over to them, and at this point they were too distorted for me to figure out what they were. However, as I proceeded to pick them up, they became fairly physical.

Item 1 - A Semi-Distorted Sea Urchin: It was really spiky to pick up and hurt a lot. I put it to my ear thinking I would hear sounds of the sea of some sort… but funnily enough it played me a death metal guitar riff. The main riff from Carcass - Corporal Jigsore Quandry if I wasn’t mistaken. I actually laughed out loud and nearly woke myself up in doing so. I gave it the metal horns \m/ and proceeded to the other pedistal… which disappeared. So I went back to the first one and there was another item on it.

Item 2 - Laptop Computer: It was extremely heavy for some reason, but I managed to eventually pick it up. As soon as I put it to my ear it unleashed a high pitched static storm. Ouch. I put it back down and noticed there was a CD sticking out of it, so I decided to listen to that too.

Item 3 - CD: Picking this up, I obviously expected music. Put it to my ear and it started screaming “RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY” at me. OK then… the CD was telling me to run away… why? I was about to find out. It was sitting on the adjascent pedistal.

Item 4 - Ex Girlfriend: Boy, that was the smartest CD I had ever come across. I wish it was around in real life to give me that sort of wise advise when I needed it. Either way, I figured I listened to her enough in real life so I wasn’t going to waste valuable dream time, even if a million dollars randomly fell out of the sky.

At this moment, I was ironically woken up getting my face trampelled by my dog.

Im deffintley going to try this. Ive had LDs before, where Ill listen to a radio, and Ive heard some pretty strange things. Man Im going to start getting into these LD quest. It gives you a goal to obtain. I would like to add a quest for sometime in the future… I would like to try going into a blackhole. So let me know if youd like to try it.

Even though i didnt plan to do this quest…i think i did, by accident xD

I was lucid, and listening to some music on my laptop, which in the dream had its sound working.
I cant exactly remember the music, but i was watching some sort of show on there aswell, like stargate, something with explosions.
I remember the sound being pretty…awesome tbh :cool:
It was nicer than any music i normally listen to, well it seemed in the dream.

Whether or not this counts i thought id share my experience :wink:
Sorry for lack of detail, i did become lucid 3 times in the same dream, so it sort of washed out some details.

Good dream indeed, it was long time ago Q did post a comment :cool_laugh:

Thank you for covering for me, Ghostie (refuse to type names in ALL CAPS :tongue:) :smile:

what great dreams and great Quest completions!

Lord Essa, if you do the Quest “by accident” it counts too, as long as it is in a lucid dream :smile: And remember (I can’t keep saying this enough), in the end it is you who decides if you feel you completed it to be rewarded your wings. Sp this goes for you too, BlueAndWhite :smile:

Kirbzy, great stuff how you picked up these random objects and listened to them, and funny how the last “item” was your ex :lol: Dreams have weird humor, haven’t they. cough read wolbs DJ sometime cough :tongue:

good luck on retrying Winter Depths!

Youre welcome, where do you get idea for all the quests :tongue:

When will I get my wings?

you will have a longish wait - pasQuale adds them when the current quest ends. so it will be the end of October :content:

First time I did it by accident. :tongue:

2nd time I did it on purpose. :content: My mind has been rather generous turning me randomly lucid. :tongue:

So yes Q, I believe I completed the quest! :woo:

Then your wings come flying to you at the end of the month :fly:

yay!! :woo:

Wow, I’m pretty sure I did this quest…
In my first (non-fake) lucid dream…
So… well… I remembered this quest and I went to my elecrtonic piano…
I turned it on… And some keys were lit with a dark blue light… I played some notes… It made the sounds OK… I played some background style… and that was OK too, even if it was a lot of styles thrown together, so it really made no sence… And it had no tempo…
It was a lucid dream… my first d:
Do I deserve the wings? Am I worthy ?

EDIT: Yes, its early in the morning so I’m pretty tired, sorry for any mistakes…