LD4all Quest 41: Travel to another dimension!

I apologize I wasn’t trying to spam I actually used that site and it worked for me :confused: that is why I left it for others.

This brings the creative process to a whole new level. I suppose I’ll give it a go. :smile:

i did the quest! i’ll probably post it tomorrow.

Ahh, when i became lucid, I was trying to remember the quest.I was like:’‘what was this month’s quest?’’ and I just kept thinking, until i lost lucidity.And i knew it will happen if i think too much

I thought that when I was having a discussion about parallel universes with someone. :tongue: I didn’t think it would fly. :lol:

alright here’s my dream in which i got the quest. (i did this a few days ago) [spoiler] i’ll just type up the part where i actually got the quest. (it was an extremely long dream) I popped out the head of the sprinkler (i had been travelling via sprinklers across the country) but instead of a golf course, i was in a strange wooden shack. “now what?” i thought to myself. remembering the quest, i asked a random guy, “hey, do you know where the nearest interdimensional portal is?” he nodded and directed me to a little phone booth looking thing. inside was a little white structure like a soccer goal without the net, and inside i could see the other dimension. it was on a rotating base, and every time i turned it around i could see a different dimension through it. the one i chose looked exactly like the normal dreamscape i was in. i climbed through, and as i lay there on my belly i could feel that everything was extremely heavy. even the air was weighing down on me like a deep ocean. i could feel a tremendous heat in this dimension, and i decided i didn’t like this dimension one bit. i climbed back through, warning my new friend that that particular dimension was not desirable. i turned the portal around a couple times, checking out the different dimensions. one was light blue like everything was cold, and there were icicles hanging down from everything. i turned it around again and there were sesame street puppets. i climbed through and immediately the sesame street theme song was playing in the background… this is as far as the dimension part goes. [/spoiler]

:clap: what a great dream unknownuser_333 :happy: I loved the way how you traveled :happy:

haha thanks :smile: i can tell i’m getting better at lding. that was by far the longest one i’ve ever had.

That is so sweet! Inter dimensional travel and sprinkler heads LOL! I want to try this quest again I want to ask the way that you did and also think of a new way of traveling a mirror seems so boring now that I read yours. I can’t wait to see where else I go.

My second attempt fell completely flat. :sad:

I’m determined I’m gonna do one by the end of the year! :cool:

haha the way i came up with sprinkler travel was the same as how i found the portal. i just asked someone what the best way to get around was and he said “by the sprinklers of course!” so i went outside and there was a huge open sprinkler and i just climbed in :ok:

I did it! :happy:
Link: [community.ld4all.com/t/dryas-dj/30129/2)

Here is my attempt from this morning. It is an excerpt from my dream journal.
It happened at about 6:15 - 6:30 AM when I woke up.

My task I had remembered was to fly. The only part of the dream that just falls short of this being a success was that I wasn’t able to attempt to fly before the dream ended. Now in order to get to the front door I needed to pass through my sister’s room. As I entered the room, she saw me doing a reality check by sticking my right index finger throuh my left hand, to attempt to stabilize the dream even more. She gave me a weird look like “What are you doing o.O” so I explain to her that this is a reality check, and reality checks are needed in lucid dreams. I even demonstrated the breathing RC to her. It evolved into a slight conversation when she asked how it would affect different people. I simply told her that every lucid dreamer does it, and the time it takes for them to do an RC in dreams is not long.
Outside there was a maze of fences which had a little bit of snow on the top and there was a huge, beautiful orange-pink sunset. I attempted to stabilize the scene again by rubbing my hands down my right leg. But due to my usual sleep cycle, the dream ended before I was able to get outside. I was kind of surprised, seeing how vivid and real the dream was.
(Yes, my task was to try and fly in the dream fantasyland because I was already there. I wanted to spice it up – to make it a little bit more difficult. But I didn’t quite get it this time sigh. At least it was a good try!)
Edit: Fixed typo – changed “attmpt” to “attempt”

I was standing in a park, talking to a Sufi poet. I had just been in a protest and was holding a protest sign and the Sufi poet started to laugh at me, and pointed behind me, where a path by a river was. I started to walk down the path, and the looking at the greenery and the immense mist rising up and i was breathing and swelling with the mist as it rose up, and I became lucid. I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my lucidity, when I decided this quest adventure sounded fun, so I turned to my left where the misty river was, and decided I was going to find my dimension under there. I dived in.
The dream imagery faded and I felt this distinct falling back and down, as if I had somersaulted and was pulled down, head first. I became aware of this sort of “smeared” person in front of me, I guess is the best way to describe it, as if a person had melted into a puddle. I talked to the smeared puddle-person, and he told me he was from the dimension I was about to enter. I was sort of repulsed, and faltered.
Then I became aware of being on a huge escalator, that was taking me to another dimension along with a few other people, who were curled up and naked in these carved out deposits in the wall above the escalator I was on. This was not the same dimension as the melted puddle. I went to a DC that was in these windows and pulled him down. (uhh… deleting some content)
I was in these hallways, and started wondering about the “me” that was in this dimension, like I’ve heard some people describe there are in the next dimensions over. I saw a coworker/friend DC and went to her and asked where “I” was, and she turned and abruptly walked away. I chased after her and demanded she tell me, and she told me the “I” was dead. I became aware of a memory I had on a volcano with a man who was supposed to be my father, and getting burned. I decided I was irritated with the dimension and woke up.

I don’t think I completed the task, although it seemed as such in my dream, but I feel as if the dimension was sort of warped into my expectations of what another dimension was supposed to be, instead of me [/list]actually visiting one.

Well now that i’m reading everyone’s attempts… I’m thinking maybe I did succeed, and that I’m just being too conscious about it in my afterthoughts. I don’t know… what do you guys think…? :bored:

i’m no judge or anything camomile but i think that dream is just fine. i think the whole goal is to find what your mind’s depiction of another dimension would be.

camomile, you are the judge, but from what I read you definately did the Quest :yes:

I had another try last night. It’s in my DJ, here

:yay: yay! thanks guys. I’m not sure why I wanted something so grand, haha. I guess I do show some Virgo characteristics after all…

This was my first ever attempt at a quest, and also the first dream I posted on here. I don’t know if it qualifies as a success, because I didn’t really get to travel around the dimension I opened, and it didn’t completely meet my expectations of what another dimension should be. You can read about it here and make up your own mind.

I’ve been having great fun reading about other people’s experiences! You guys rock :cool:


I think I might have completed this task but perhaps you might think it too vague Q. It’s in Just Visiting

What do you reckon?