LD4all Quest 42: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Figured i’d post here, you’l have to forgive me if i’m in the wrong place, i’m still learning. heh ^^;

I probably wont do to well on this, but I want to give it a go. the only way to improve is to practice, right?

Moogle pointed me here, after my first LD was oddly related to this thread. my intentions were to speak to god and ask ‘why are we here’… but like I said, i’m new to this so i didn’t have very much control. I met God. he/she was a giant pastel coloured cat (I blame uni for this, i studied a similar photo in photography recently) i onyl remmeber as far as- ‘someones here to see you, God’, ‘tell them i’m not here’, ‘er… its Tegan’, ‘Oh! send her in then!’ i know we had a nice little chat, but i don’t remember any of it >.<

anyway, no joy that time, but i’m going to remember for next time to ask again, hoping my first LD wasn’t a total fluke! haha. good luck to everyone, i look forward to reading about your asnwers!

ps- sorry, i talk too much >.<

wow i’m deffinately trying this one ASAP!!! :woo: i’m going to ask “why are we here?” :content:

hopefuly i’ll meet my spirit guide for the first time! :happy: :happy: :happy:

:hurray: I DID IT!!! I was beginning to get a little frustrated because I haven’t had a LD since April 11th. :touched: I will post this dream in my DJ later today. When I realized I was having a LD I remembered I had to complete my quest and ask a DC my question and get an answer. :boogie: I walked into the living room and sat at the kitchen table with 2 DC’s they looked just like my friends in real life. I asked the one DC (sara) if she was real. She looked like she was pondering and said yes I’m real I’m like a combs. I said what is a comb, as I was looking for pen and paper to write it down then realized I couldn’t take it with me. She tried to explain but I didn’t understand. It was more of a feeling that she was real but not like I think she is real. I think also since she looked like my friend it was hard for me to understand. :eh:
I looked up the word comb in the dictionary and one definition is • a row of brass points for collecting the electricity in an electrostatic generator. :neutral:

Hahaha this is funny cuz a week ago I had a LD and asked a DC the meaning of life, and she said: Life is a catalyst. So I did the quest too but I don’t understand anything of it lolz, erm, why I laugh… catalysts are used in eletricity… :tongue:

Edit: A comb is also a thingie for the hair. :grin:

:lol: not lucid but I had to share it :tongue:

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Inhibited Hamlet

I am in a small village. It only contains a few houses. No-one will tell me anything. :silent: Then when someone does answer my question … he is immediately punched by the leader of the village. The leader usually remains in the spaceship above the village.

an item used to untangle hair was another definition but i did’nt think that was what she was talking about. :tongue:

I almost completed it.
It was a very short(it lasted 30 minutes IRL, a minute or even less in dream time) and weird dream.

When the dream started, I realized I was dreaming right away.It was in windows media player frame(lol), so I double-clicked to switch to full screen.First I ran over the wall and the roof to convince myself I was dreaming.There was a monster.I was losing lucidity rapidly, so started slapping the monster(the hand-rubbing technique is good cause it makes you TOUCH in your dream).This was the same cause I was touching the monster.Every time i started slapping him, I felt more lucid, but the dream was just fading away.At the end I remembered the quest.But it was weird, cause normally in your dreams you don’t think as you would IRL, but I did.I was like:’‘What was the quest, ehh?Oh, yeah, ask DC a question’’
I was going to ask him ‘‘What comes after death?’’ but I woke up.

this sounds fun. im definitely gonna try to do this one.

I completed it.It was last night.

I asked DC a question:’‘What comes after death?’’, and he said:’‘endless green pastures.’’
sounds crazy but still, he answered me, so that means I completed the quest.

Hraesvelg, was it an LD? If not you havent completetd it since its an LD-quest :tongue:

I once asked a dc if it dreamed and when it said “yes” I told it that I was dreaming. It was bored so I asked it if it was real and it said “no” then I asked how she could dream if she wasn’t real - she tried to fade out the dream. I asked if they needed our energy, I asked if they were in purgatory and if they knew who Jesus was no one would answer me they just kept trying to make things go black. I never got any answers from them they seem to try not to answer anything. Any tips on how to word the question to get a better result?

A few days ago I have put a question to a DC. I wasn’t really doing it because this contest asked it, but because I usually ask lots of questions in my dreams :grin:
I asked a man (it was about 25 years old) that I didn’t know IRL : “Who is the so-called God?” and he whispered that the only one with supernatural powers he knew it was me so I am the God for him. I started to laugh very loud and asked him to tell me the real answer and he said: “I don’t know the real answer, dude, we are in a dream, not an Encyclopedia. If you don’t trust me then stop asking me anything.” After this he got pretty upset and went away. Anyway it didn’t matter that he left, I still have a few hundreds of people to ask something, and also another few billions of animals or objects :rofl:

Yes, it was.

Then hraesvelg, I congratulate you for completing this quest :ok: its the last day of the quest, so your wings come to you tomorrow :wink:




for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time :smile:

This Quest is now officially over, which means you cannot earn your wings anymore by completing any of the previous Quests.

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest :smile:

:boogie: Thanks pasQuale!! :yay: I can’t wait for the next quest!!

i do wish to write some responses here :yinyang:

this question arose on my mind as the month started, and lingered with me for a long time, and i wish to actualize the quest though it has passed ,

i also wished to give some happy commentary to two users who wrote relevantly to me, if this is good :wink:

Hey you will do fine, everyone progresses at their own pace!

gosh, i was trying to memorize a series of numbers, and i knew i knew them and didn’t need to write them down , but i convinced myself i should write in case i forget, even though i already knew, so if i knew how could i ? and as i kept thinking along this way, as i finally got my pencil, the doubt got so strong that i practically forgot it all!
“we write things down to forget them”
truly you will recall if you are supposed to, the key is trust : faith : confidence : happiness : acceptance : letting go, etc :wink:

usually the answer i get from my SC is “its not a question but a lesson learned in time”

Hey, I’ll try … :smile: I love that films, as you can see in my Avatar :razz: