LD4all Quest 72 [November]:Paint the Trees!

LD4all Quest 72 [November]:Paint the Trees!

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Author: Rhewin

Paint the Trees!

Don’t you just love the way the trees look in falls, with the gold and bright red leaves everywhere? Of course, it just seems to run out a little too quickly, especially around here. Or maybe you prefer trees when they are lush and green in the spring which is so far away for many of us. Not to worry though, we have lucid dreaming on our side! So paint the trees, make it look like the season of your choice!

Or maybe you want something even more different. Purple trees? Sure, why not? It’s up to you, so get in that dream world of yours and make it happen!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings
* Become lucid ( :tongue: )

  • Change the leaves on the trees to look how you want.
  • Optional: Actually change the season, temperature and everything.
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you need to announce in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Q will only give wings if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

pasQuale will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD etc) * Focus on the Quest

  • Think of the season you wish to see; what will the trees look like, what kinds of colors will you have?
  • Imagine how you will do it: how will you change the colors? Will you use a paint brush, some dream magic? What would it look and feel like to change the leaves?

Post your results in this topic!

Good luck and happy lucids! :tardis:

Sounds awesome, I’ve got my goal for tonight :smile:

I’m down :happy:, my longest LD had was me flying over the trees and then they turned bright red :happy:.

Count me in! :woo:

I had a long LD last night, after a dry spell (I love LQs) and I even remembered this month’s quest. I got as far as asking a few friends to go to the park with me and help me paint the trees with paintball guns. Though one of them suggested balloons filled with paint instead. Sadly I then got lost looking for the park and then lost a hold of my dream :cry: . The dream lasted probably about 5 min which is pretty long for me (for an LD). I also had an earlier and shorter LD where I was in a park with trees–they looked like a badly done painting–and I tried to turn the trees colors by pointing a pencil at them like a magic wand. But it didn’t work b/c I wasn’t convinced enough. Very happy for the LD’s though :woo: . I still have time to complete the quest so I’ll continue giving it a try!

The trees in my area are doing a great job at changing colors without my help. :smile: I’ve taken some photos of them and have been going for drives in the nearby hills just to enjoy all the beautiful trees. Not sure it could get any more beautiful in a dream, but I’ll try.

I’ll join to that quest. My last 2 lucid dreams were having a lot of trees and they made a beautiful dreamscape. I’ve never thought about changing their colors, it could be fun and I’m having some ideas at the moment! :content:

Good luck everyone!



Ok this morning I was very close but I don’t know what happened! :shy:
I get up around 5am to take something for drink, went to WC and I went back to sleep. I was very dedicated and determine that I will WILD. I had self confidence and discipline.

While in bed I did SDR technique just to quicken the process. After some time I start to have HH… To be better it was something about woods! I saw 3 animals that were walking on the road toward the end of cliff, the road was just like a path inside wood. There was wolf, turtle and third animal I can’t remember. When I saw turtle falling down the cliff I decided to jump after her just to save her.

While falling I felt the same feeling I have when I’m in transition from WL into dream world. I knew that I need to let myself to fall asleep now and everything was going ok even sensation gets stronger as always does but for some reason I get kicked out of the dream and I was awake…

I’ve also had a dream before WBTB that I was in vineyard… There where also trees.

For the first time from when I realized how to and when to make a transition from WL into dream world I failed. But no worries I’ll try again!..

I did it! Here is a link to my dream journal.
And, may I just say that that dream was sooooo, realistic!

Congrats DreamerZero, cool dream to :happy:

I’ll make an attempt at this, although considering that I haven’t had a lucid dream in about a year, I probably won’t succeed by the end of November. But who knows? A miracle could happen.

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie in Lucid Dreaming and this forum is very helpful, thank you :thumbs:

I love the quest and this one is perfect for me because It is simple enough for where I am now.

I will attend it tonight and will post my progress here.

Once more, thank you :wiske:

I think this quest is really nice! :happy:

A couple of days ago I accidently became lucid and I thought about the quest! (usually I forget about the quest but it was pretty clear to me this time). I was on a planet, not earth I think, it was night time but there were multiple moons. I came across a line of trees. Their leaves were yellowish-green and they glowed a little from the different moonlights that reflected on them. I looked down and thought about the trees with different colours, looked up again but the trees hadn’t much changed. The leaves became a little browner maybe. I looked down again and thought about the change I wanted to bring. I looked up and the whole universe started to spin. There were planets coming and going into different directions, bright ones and dark ones. Some were figures, others had faces. It was raining planets! Glitters of light everywhere, green light, blue light, pinkish light. It was amazing! :happy: So I walked further, forgetting about the trees, I wanted to get swallowed up by this amazing universe. I hadn’t walked far when I saw a sun coming straight towards of me. For just half a second I felt fear of getting burnt alive but realised that this was my dream and I wasn’t going to get burns from this sun. It came closer with an enormous speed and I got blinded by the light, light was all around me and I woke up.

I didn’t quite finished the quest, but it was amazing anyway. I’m going to try and finish it this next week! :grin:

Yes, I am so happy, I did it! I paint a tree in green and then in gold!

It was my best (at least that I can remember :smile: lucid dream. and it was long, joyful and so real, more real than real life.

Thank you for the support of this great forum and I am looking forward to more quests :smile:

Love ya all,



It’s under November 27 :cool:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I felt I was successful. Whoops :tongue:

This is a very good idea! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a lucid dream before the end of the month. But I’ll try my best anyway! :happy:

I can’t wait to see what the next quest will be :slight_smile:

Figuring last night was my last chance for this one, I decided to do some extra reality checks. (Mostly just holding my nose and trying to breath.)

There I was in bed thinking I was awake and just could not go back to sleep when I casually tried a reality check. Sure enough it was a dream, so I jumped out of bed and went to the window to see the trees outside my home. Since I was indoors I thought I’d modify the quest and color my indoor plants instead. Well it was a short-lived LD and I went into a false awakening. Awhile later I did another RC and realized I was still dreaming. Unfortunately my adventure took me somewhere else where I met other fellow dreamers on a different mission.

Overall a good reminder to keep doing those RCs. <

This year in my area some deciduous trees still have their leaves which is highly unusual. There are still a few very pretty maple trees with most of their bright red leaves still on display.

Nice try, am.dreaming! You got farther then I did, anyway :happy:

I wasn’t able to become lucid before the end of November, unfortunately :sad: I tried the WBTB technique with the fingers and what-not, but all it did was deprive me of my dream recall abilities. Now I need to find the technique that will work best for me before the end of December if I want to accomplish that quest.




for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time! :smile:

This Quest is now officially over. You are ofcourse free to still do this Quest at your leisure, and post in this topic about your results, but you can’t earn wings anymore by completing it.

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest! :smile: