LD4all Quest 75: March: Find your True Form!

LD4all Quest 75: March: Find your True Form!

Each month, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Find your true form

In the waking world, we have one form: human. In dreams, we often take on other shapes. It is possible to be an animal, a tree, a cloud, a ray of light, anything that can be imagined. In our dreams we can fly like a bird, swim like a fish, or move through time and dimensions like a science fiction character.

Sometimes, the way we view ourselves in a dream seems right. Flying can sometimes feel more natural than walking. This month’s quest is to find a form that represents you. Maybe it is something you are familiar with, or a hidden shape that you don’t know yet. Exactly what that form is, is highly personal. It is up to you.

To find the form, you could:

  • Look at yourself, and note what you look like. What is unique about you?
  • Move around in the dream world, and note what it feels like. What feels the most natural and free?
  • Ask a dream character, magic mirror etc. what your true form is
  • Simply be yourself, what you feel the most like being

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Become lucid :wink:
  • Find a form that you are comfortable with
  • Get the idea that the form represents you
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Q will only give wings if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

pasQuale will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Think of what you might feel represents you the best

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:

After failing last month’s quest, I am more determined than ever to complete this one. Count me in. I will never give up. T~T

After years on this forum I will try to do a quest. I kinda broke my dryspell and feel really motivated. Now this is even more motivating. :smile: Wish me luck !

Do we pm or post here if we’ve accoplished the quest?

you post here :cool:

Okay! I need to get back into LDing and this seems like a good way! I’m going to goooo for it!!!

I don’t know how, okay yes I do, but the game SSX is getting me back into dreaming. I’m thinking of this awesome site as a video game itself with RiderNet or Autolog. There’s challenges and side quests that I can do all over the place! Of course, this thread feels like a Global Event because you get something out of it, WINGS! There’s also the post your time and leave feature here too.
The connections are spun so well that it becomes easier to see what shape is formed by this website!

I’m going to try it!

Shape is still a little blurry.

This is a part of my long LD this morning:

Count me in on this one!

Argh… time is fleeting… ToT

EDIT: OMG!!! I just had a lucid dream where I actually remembered to do this quest! lol However this dream was achieved through a DILD… but anyway the dream went like this:
I was standing inside my home. I knew that I was dreaming. I didn’t do any reality checks because I just knew in my guts that this wasn’t real. I can’t explain it. It felt like being in a mirage. Suddenly, it occurred to me that this was a good time to attempt the quest “to find out my true form”. So I took a pen that was stuck to the calendar by the wall and wrote on the white wall in front of me in large writing: ‘What is my true form?’ At first 5 rows of lines appeared on the wall. I was disappointed. This meant nothing to me. Then, immediately, the wall started playing a video for me. I saw a row of prisoners lined up and the one on the far left turned around. She had her eyes tightly closed and she seemed to be smiling somewhat. I asked her ‘Can you see?’ She smiled and shook her head. I examined her to make sure I would remember her appearance before I woke up IRL. She had long, blond hair and was wearing an orange prisoner’s uniform. She was middle aged.

So that was it, then. My true form. A blind, middle-aged, blonde woman wearing a prisoner’s uniform which was orange. :cool: I don’t know whether to feel happy or confused atm but I feel like I’ve succeeded in this quest since I actually remembered to do this quest in my dream (and received a response). :tongue:

P.S. Sorry about the grammatical errors. I just woke up from this dream and didn’t want to forget it. So it was a bit rushed.

I asked my dad to show me my true form. He cast some sort of spell on me, and I looked into the mirrior. I looked the same, except my arm was bent at a weird angle and I had tons of cuts and bruises(probably from jumping out the window earlier in the dream :tongue: )




for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time! :smile:

This Quest is now officially over. You are ofcourse free to still do this Quest at your leisure, and post in this topic about your results, but you can’t earn wings anymore by completing it.

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest! :smile: