LD4all Quest 88: January: Back to School!

LD4all Quest 88: January: Back to School!
Author: Rhewin

Each month, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Back to School!
Winter break is almost over and a lot of us are getting ready to head back to school. For me, I’m going back to University. But the other day I was thinking of the schools I have been to through my life. I remember teachers, friends, subjects, and all sorts of other things I really enjoyed. While I was feeling a bit nostalgic, I remembered something: lucid dreams let us go back.

So this month we’ll be going back to school. Maybe you want to catch up with old friends you’ve lost touch with. Perhaps there’s a teacher you really want to see again (or would like to tell them what you really thought of them). Hey, now’s your chance to get back at or make peace with that bully. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn something!

And hey, why stop at RL schools? I’m sure there’s a lucidity school out there that could teach you a thing or two.

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Go to school (either one from your past or a new one)
  • Explore around and interact
  • Optional: attend class and see what you learn
  • Post what you find here.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Qu will only give wings if you feel you have been succesfull in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

Qu will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • As you do your dream incubation, picture the school you want to travel to.
  • If it’s one you attended, look through a yearbook or old pictures.
  • Think of the people you’d want to see.
  • If you’re having a hard time finding someone, try calling their name or going to the room where you used to find them in your school days.

Good luck, and make sure you study. There may be a pop quiz! :tardis:

I became lucid inside my high school this morning. I spent some time learning about sentence structure.

Had a dream a earlier in the month about being back at school and hugging people, so someone pointed out the Monthly Quest to me. Yesterday, after remembering that morning I had had a dream about being in school and summoning up an old friend, I decided to incubate the Quest. So did that, it can be found in the spoiler tags below. :content:

Okay before you all kill me, yes, although there was no lucidity in the dream I still believe I completed the Quest. “What is this outrageousness!?” I hear you all ask. Well, it’s very simple, to me at least. The Quest said to incubate a dream of school, explore around and interact and then post what you find. Soo, that is what I did. As the saying goes, “So let it be written, so let it be done.” And so it was done.

Can I has wings now? :peek:

[spoiler]Tuesday January 21st, 2014

Put your hands up

My class is on stage in the auditorium, it is not the end of year show but something my class is putting on for the rest of the school. We dance to an old song, and I remember “put your hands up” being said, at which point we all put our hands up in a sort of Mexican wave fashion, (except, “put your hands up” was never in the lyrics of the actual song). I end up talking to one of the girls at the head of one of the lines and asking her about something while we continue our performance.

Saving Private K

[ND]I am at one end of a hall speaking with Kelly about her parents. I am upset with her, and say she would never understand how I feel. She tells me that it was horrible when she lost them, but she tells me we will both be okay. To our side a parent comes in, he stops the Principal, who is standing in the hall waiting for the end of classes so he can make sure the students get to where they are supposed to. (Even though there is a bunch of students in the halls, there are still classes on). The parent is obviously distraught, and Kelly and I over hear him. He is an Asian man, probably in his mid-forties, and we recognise him to be the father of her twin’s girlfriend. We hear him saying something about “it was horrible… It happened so fast… Yes, in a car accident… She was so young.”

At some point Kelly has passed out, which I deduce is from the stress of learning someone else has died, and a boy has appeared beside me who appears to be a relation of mine. I tell him we have to find Kevin, Kelly’s twin, now, and we need to tell him. I lift Kelly up and drape her over my shoulder; even though she is the same height and weight as me she does not seem too heavy. The boy directs me to where he believes Kevin is.

We wander down the hall of the school past the Principal and the parent, to the spot where the hall both bends to the left and continues straight. We go down the left path and past an escalator where more of my male cousins are, asking them if they have seen Kevin. We go to the area next to the escalators, which happens to be a large cafeteria with food shops. Kevin is standing on one of the tables, and a bunch of students are in front of him in lines, marching.

Absolutely horrified, I push our way through the crowd and yell over their noise, asking what the hell is going on. He tells me he heard a rumour, people are spreading lies about his girl being dead, and he was not going to stand for that, especially after he heard they started because of her father. Kelly and I are practically gaping at him, her having returned to consciousness. We yell at him telling him it is true, not a rumour. He does not believe us, but we both say, “She died in a car crash. We heard her father say so.”

The three of us are in a car, and it has been a couple of days since the incident in school. Kevin is still noticeably upset, but more annoyed than sad. I stop the car, and Kelly and I get out. We walk into a mall and Kelly tells me about how she is glad to be away from that damn aunt of theirs.

Kelly pulled out her wallet and I notice a photo of a woman that looks a lot like them. I ask if that was their mother and she nods. I tell her that their mother looks beautiful, and she should get the photo re-touched and printed so it would not fall apart like the one she has now. She shrugs and puts it away; she says that if her aunt ever found out she would want to do it in an excessive manner. She was sick of her aunt trying to fill in for her parents, sick of her pretending she knows what is best for them and pretending that everything is fine and happy go lucky. I hug her and tell her it is okay, and that while we are away from her aunt we can do whatever she wants.[/ND][/spoiler]


Sadly, unlike the LC, the Quest doesn’t give wings just for completing the task. The very nature of the Quest is to give you something extra to do in lucid dreams, not to incubate a specific dream. While incubation is certainly important, it is not what determines completing the Quest or not.

I did take out the line of becoming lucid in the instructions because it was redundant. However, I could see how it might look like lucidity is not necessary. This is a technicality and semantics. But I’m not the final say on this, so we’ll be back with an answer for you soon.

OK, Eilatan, I got a response. The choice is yours in this case, but we want you to keep two things about the Quest in mind.

  1. The wings are a reward for people who feel like they’ve completed the current Quest
  2. The Quest is meant to be completed in an LD.

If you honestly feel like you completed the Quest as I just described, you can claim wings.

Welp, on the night of the 27th and today (30th :razz: ) I had an LD in which I was in school.

In the first dream I was running through a classroom being chased by a crazy old woman. In the second I was exploring my college campus. If the first doesn’t cut it, the second most definitely does. :razz:

You can read about the 27th here (My Hand is a Camera!) and the 30th here (Lucid School Exploration).

Ok, I think that was enough extra time. Quest 88 is over.

[center]Congratulations to
Scipio Xaos

The next Quest will be up shortly!

Although I haven’t yet completed a quest I love the idea. I love the varied and surprising results to a simple command. I just had an idea for either a task or some other sort of contest if there is an interest. How about describing an item like a telephone let’s say. Or even something more boring like a shoe. We can post a picture of the object, ascribe magical powers to it (say the shoe freezes the wearer) and then we can challange users to conjure this object in their dream and use it. Thoughts?

Oddly enough, despite my not having a single one of my recurring “back in high school and it’s halfway through the semester and I just realized I haven’t done any homework for weeeeeeeks” dreams during the quest period, the quest did inspire me to approach things I need to learn in my day-to-day work as though I were “back in high school” – that is, to move past my natural response of “Dude, this is basic stuff, I’m way beyond this already” and instead just humbly go back to the basics and see what they have to teach me.

And once I genuinely engaged with the lessons at hand, turned out they had bunches to teach me.

So thank you!