LDing at the Orthodontist?

Yes, this may sound like an odd topic, but I have a question.

Just today, I was at my orthodontist’s office getting my teeth adjusted (again). Now, usually they take a good half-hour after you’re SUPPOSED to start to get working on you, so I started to fall asleep in the waiting room… often. I probably nodded off maybe seven times during my wait to get in the chair.

Now, the strange thing is that I think I actually dreamt about five of those seven periods of nodding-off, each period perhaps two-seconds long (most of them had to do with work or school (I’m exploring school as my personal dreamsign)).

My question: during a nap, or if you unintentionally fall asleep, is it possible to start an LD right away?

I think it is possible. Of all the LDs I’ve had, half of them were during naps - naps that sometimes didn’t take more than half an hour to an hour. It depends on how tired/relaxed you are, so that you enter the dream state fast and are able to LD.

However, I don’t know if you can compare nodding off several times to actual naps you take lying down. I doze off a lot during my one-hour train trip every day, sometimes I can doze off for half an hour. But I’m never actually asleep - body not fully relaxed, still alert if I hear a louder noise or feel sudden movement; I might see images in my mind but I won’t actually dream.

So, in my opinion and experience, LDing is possible in naps and unintentionally falling asleep - if you stay asleep long enough to get to the dream stage without being bothered. If you’d really started to dream in the waiting room wouldn’t your body go into SP or total relaxation? Unless it’s possible to dream without being physically paralyzed. But then, does it still count as dreaming?

I would think definitely yes, especially if you’re nodding in and out. Basically, it would be a form of WILD (even if unintentional). Apparently, many people can enter very quickly into a REM state in naps or WBTB type conditions, and hopefully you could sometimes bring some awareness of your consciousness along with you. Unfortunately, I don’t speak from personal experience, but reather, from what I’ve heard.

(I’ve been gone for months…Must get back to work! RC like mad, fool!)

I still have braces, too…They’ve been promising to take them off for months. :grrr: Sometimes I do fall asleep for a liiiittle bit, but I never remember actually dreaming anything. Then again, I hardly remember any dreams at all. Better get cracking on that recall.
Anyway, I wonder if that could actually be used for an extra spurt of practice…I have heard that if you’re fully rested you go straight to REM, which makes WILDing even easier.