LDing to the masses

We have come far in making a lucid dreaming community on the Web (a salute to PasQuale :cool: !) But I am still thinking of a future where lucid dreaming is known and accepted so that most people would understand what you are talking of as soon as you mention it, and many people would be into these stuff. I can already imagine it now; newspaper titles about lucid dreaming, 100s of books about the topic, TV debates about if LD’ing may be harmful in any way, and so on :eek: . Now you know where I am going. Maybe a little bit far-fechted, but anyway :wiske:

But now I was thinking of which steps we will have to take to get there. Maybe we could have a little discussion on what we could do to make LD’ing known for the masses :confused: . Not that I mean we should do so much yet. But it could be nice to have a little discussion on how we should get more people into LD’ing. Don’t take me too serious now :shy: .

Currently I mean that we should focus on getting more people into these LDing communities which exsists, and make more communities so people could get it in their own countries and languages :happy: . But how?

Again, don’t take me too serious here. :grin:

Of all the pupils I have shared the LD tech. with there has only been one that have heard about it before. And those hwo have experienced it don’t know that it is rare and that it can be induced. But I have also found that many pupils don’t care. They say it sounds very cool bet arent pasent enougth to start doing it.

My advise is to share LDing with the ones you know. That is the safest way to make it known. Make shure as many as posible experience it. Couse if you have experienced it, you want to share it. And its cool when you can talk about your nigth experience with friends that know how it feels like.

I think maybe we should let the media get a hand of this stuff. Maybe ‘Kaliber’ on Petre could let Norway open an eye for LDing. Think I’m gonna drop them a mail.

Keep on thinking the wild tougth and start taking them serius.

Well, at the moment i’m working on a danish web-page about lucid dreaming. I tried searching for the subject in danish, but couldn’t find anything.
I haven’t added it to any webdirectoris though, i tried the one at google.com, but i can’t seem to find it there, i don’t think they accepted it :-(.

anyway, here’s the link, if anyone’s interested, i think i’m the only one from Denmark here though.


I don’t much speak about my dream excursions. But I’m always aware when the conversation arises. My friends at work are always taking about different subjects, it is only a matter of time before the subject of dreams arose. In my experiences with friends dreams are talked about on occasions, however lucid dreams are a little shadowy in most of my friends opinions. I attribute this to not having been exposed to books on the subject.

It’s funny because one of my friends whom I did not even think would be interested in lucid dreaming has had his own lucid dreams. And with talking with him the subject seems to have expanded, and it’s funny because other people listen.

Also my experience with drugs, psychedelic, otherwise, are starting points for conversations with lucid dreaming. I have known a butt-load of drug users in my time and they are surprisingly open to lucid dreaming.

I don’t worry about the masses, I am closer to home. Dreams are not going to die, far from it. Us dreamers with our intensity with dream recording are changing how dreams are perceived, by other people and the mass consciousness.

ulrik_tr: Grate to see that danmark is online with a LD page. Cool layout but, why wasn’t my page linked :sad: not very inportent but I do have 1175 hits pr. 15th of september. (home.no/lucid)
I havn’t read everything on your page, I don’t like reading danish, but I saw you choised to use ‘klare drømmer’ I never use this when I talk about lucid dreams. I use Lucid. But I guess Norway tolerate more english in the language than Danmark. I just think ‘klare drømmer’ is too easy miss understoud as vivid dreams. beside that, Grate Page. the server hangs up sometime and I have to reload the page, but beside that. This is what Danmark needs.

Kommer en tur og besøker carlsberg fabrikken deres snart :smile:

DJem: Thanks :smile:
I have a link to your page in the links-section.

I think you’re right with the “klare drømme”, “lucide drømme” is better to use…

Maybe “Bevisste drømmer” is better? It is a direct translation of “consisous dreams”, which is also used in English about LD’s, and it will be much more informative for Norwegians/Danes, as I don’t think “lucid” is a very much used word either. And then I will say; good luck with your homepage. It looks great!

Btw maybe we are getting a little bit o.t. here…

I agree with you DJem. A lot of people who ask me what I’m writing, while I write in my dream journal or make notes on a dream during the day, often react with very little interest. A lot of people just don’t see the interest in dreams or in paying attention to them. More important is MTV and shopping and fashion I guess? I think a lot of people see my interest in them as some sort of psychological need to escape reality which is far from the truth.

Last night at work one of the waitresses casually mentioned that she wished that she could be live another life while she was sleeping so that she wasn’t wasting so much time. I seized the oppurtunity to tell her that she should learn to lucid dream and she wanted to know more about it, what it was like… she actually seemed really interested. Told her to search out some sites online and I think she probably will.

So there are some people out there who see the value in it. :smile: I have to say though… its kind of nice to be part of a small-ish and very pleasant subculture of my own.