LDMini - new version for iPod/Android/Kindle/Any SmartPhone

Hi folks – there’s a new version of LDMini available (for free) that should work on just about any smart phone or tablet. It has been redone as a touch sensitive web app – so just pop it open in your phone’s browser. The address is www.ldmini.com

The instructions are on the site – basically just hold your finger above the touchscreen surface of your phone as you fall asleep. When you nod off, your finger will fall and contact the screen. After a delay (which you can set), a reminder sound will play, gradually growing in volume.

You can also try it out on your PC to see how it works.

You may also need to set your device so it doesn’t suspend due to inactivity.

Anyway, give it a try and let me know what it needs

You know, this is actually pretty neat, although this stuff freaks me out too much when I’m still in the sleepy stage :happy:

Thanks for the feedback - will plan on changing the sound file to be less jarring - already does a gradual fade in, but can come up with something better

I thought REM came a little later than just asleep. o_O

That’s why the sound fades in. The button you press just times when the sound will start to fade in. I’m pretty sure that it will be loud enough during rem and soft enough when getting there, but everyone is different.