LD's are painful.

All of the LD’s i have had have started off with very very painful events.

The first lucid dream I tried to check the time on my phone. Instead of the time being all dreamy-crazy, my body was surged with energy, as if i got struck by lightning. Happened about 3 times as i forcefully tried to turn my phone around to see the time but my arm wouldnt move.

The following times, i sunk through the couch i was sleeping on, into what i called the ‘energy bath’. It looks like nothing, but spontaneously has silver bubbles bursting in it. It’s about 4m below the couch, and when i become aware that i am passing through the couch, i have to really calm myself because the energy bath f**ing hurts (too much energy for my body to take), heh. Any idea how to resist the pain, sidetrack the pain or simply understand it?

I think this events correspond to the vibrations some people experience during WILD, but in a dream version. Sometimes, you dream strange things which can only be explained by their similarity with WILD phenomena.

By the way, WILD’ers say that vibrations/energy becomes no more painful with experience. Moreover, if you enter a lucid dream, you do no more feel the vibrations.

[color=darkorchid][b]Ick. I have no idea if this is related or not…but my LDs are always horrible. My arms stop moving…though it feels like they are. Things won’t stop spinning. (Tht happens in my mind all the time though. u.u) and things just generally piss me off. I know I can fully control the dream…Well…now I don’t…because even when I did, I couldn’t. Even when fully lucid, things won’t do what I want them to.

Your weird bubbly energy place sounds like my death zone. x_x;

When I die in dreams, I usually go there. It’s absolute nothing…but it’s sort of red at the same time…and it feels like your drowning, but it never goes away because you’re already dead. ><

My chest hurts a whole fucking bunch when I first get lucid too. I have no idea why.

No ideas, sorry…Next time, I’m going to try some lucid painkillers. xD See if they work or not. And try and play some music too. x3[/b][/color]

Try grounding all the energy out of yourself before lying in bed. (Close your eyes, and imagine a lot of energy suddenly pulsing out of you, and being absorbed by the Earth every second.)

I rarely feel pain in dreams, and if I do I wake up right away. If I’m lucid and I don’t like what’s going on, I’ll just open a door and expect something good to be on the other side. Don’t want it, or hope for it, but expect it.
Sometimes I’ll just float right up through the ceiling :happy: