LDs: Easier to remember than regular dreams?

I have recently been trying to get some Lucid Dreams, but to no sucess, but I think it is because I haven’t really been trying hard enough, and I’m never really tired when I try anyway.
But I’m not worried about that. I’m just curious, are lucid dreams easier to remember than regular dreams, because I can’t really remember dreams except once in a blue moon. I’m going to practice after finals are done, but I’m still kind of wondering if it will be a problem if I’m aware I’m in a dream anyway…
Also, how long are lucid dreams? Like, only sporadic and for a few seconds, or for minutes on end?

Hi askthemaster, hmm personally I find Lucid dreams slightly easier to remember than normal dreams, but sometimes I can forget parts of a lucid dream just as easy as a normal dream! However, the higher your dream recall the better, as it is possible to forget LD’s and keeping a dream journal should boost your dream recall a little, if not a lot :content:

LD’s can last from seconds to many minutes! (some people claim hours) For example mine last for around 40 mins at the longest :smile:

Hope I answered most of your questions :content: …happy lucids!

Oh, and one other thing… Some people describe their LDs as being days long and only a few minutes long in real life. Do they actually FEEL like they are going on for days or something? Like, if it’s really really vivid, does it genuinely feel like it is days long?
And also, how do people know how long their LDs are in real life?

I don’t know about how long LD’s feel, because I have never had that sought of dream. Stephen Laberge however did tests on people to test how long dream time was compared to real time. Since people can move their eyes during REM sleep (obviously) he got subjects to signal him with a specific eye movement and then got them to count to ten and signal him again. Ten seconds in real life was about the same as ten seconds in a dream. I don’t know how people know individually how long they dreamed though, maybe they only had a short nap?
I personally believe that since the mind can slow down time or “make time fly” in real life, this is what enables you to experience a dream for so long

I’ve found my LDs can be easier to remember because I quite often wake up right after I have one, so I remember it and write it down immediately. I wake up after regular dreams too but I don’t always write them down until the morning. I’ve found that LD time seems to be like normal time at least for me. Although I have had the odd dream that seemed to be exceptionally long and detailed but those were rare.

Good luck with your LDs!

I’m going to try again tonight. Hopefully I will be tired enough to let it work… I think I’ll try picturing myself walking down stairs until I get it to work.
One of my other problems is, when I’m trying to stay awake when I’m really tired, and I fall asleep anyway, I usually jerk and twitch which wakes me up. I’m hoping this won’t happen.