LDs inside of Regular Dreams??

This has happened to me twice and I don’t know if I am actually having a LD within a regular dream or just dreaming of an LD within a dream. Its very strange to say the least.

Oh it happens, it’s called meta dreams (MD’s) but only if you actually fall asleep in your dream and have another dream or LD (if that’s what you mean)

To know if it really was an LD, just ask yourself if you realized the fact you were dreaming. If not, if you just did some LD-like stuff but never knew you were dreaming, it was a false lucid dream of FLD.

or otherwise a LMD :grin:

Such as flying? It happened to me once…

I have had lots of dreams where I have done stuff like flying or telekinesis but I didn’t realise I was dreaming. I have even had a few dreams where I had said “I’m dreaming” without being lucid.

So THATS what they call those things! I had a LMD a little while ago. Very confusing indeed. If you’d like to see what they’re like, I posted the dream the day after I had it.

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Look for the March 9 entry.