LDs Just From Reading EWLD!

Hey, listen up! I had the strangest experience last night!

I was lying in bed reading the very beginning of EWLD. I then got tired, so I switched the light off to go to sleep. I was restless and in a constant state of semi-sleep, with the subject of LDs wizzing through my head, amongst other stuff. Eventually my mum’s coughing woke me up fully so I put my ear plugs in, and decided to take a valerian tablet (safe herbal sedative to help promote sleep naturally) and decided to read a bit more of EWLD.

So a bit later I turned off the light and went to sleep. I think maybe I lay there for a while in the dark asking myself “am I dreaming?” a few times, but not many before I was asleep.

It seamed like almost straight away I was in a dream and completely aware that it was a dream right away. It seamed like I had about 3 or 4 different LDs all in one go, but it was probably just several different scenes of the same dream. I can’t even remember most of it, apart from the fact that it was all completely insane, that I knew I was dreaming the whole time, but that I didn’t have complete control because half of the things I tried to do didn’t turn out quite right.

But I’m really excited though, because this is a great leap forward for me again! I mean, this isn’t the be-all-and-end-all, because obviously I will want to work on my LD skills a lot (such as control & vividness) and also I’ll want to dramatically improve my dream recall.

But this is a great positive though! Fill your head with the subject of LDs immediately before you fall asleep, and it stays in your head while you’re asleep! I mean, I didn’t even do any reality checks, I just automatically knew I was dreaming as soon as the dream started!

Oh, by the way: I am also taking St John’s Wort as a herbal anti-depressant. Don’t know if that makes any difference. I hadn’t noticed anything until now, so probably not.

But this is great though!



Congrats! Nice work!

I’m taken Valerian before, and can not claim it helped with my LDs.

I’m reading this before bed, and I’ll try to keep your story with me as I go to sleep. Wish me luck! :content:

Yeah congrats! :happy: Reading LD books before going to sleep also helped me in the past. Perhaps I should do it again… :smile:

Oh and good luck DreamAddict! :wink:

Hi Ed!

Nice to hear about your LD’s!

Camomille might do the trick too! But these things work sometimes and sometimes they don’t. They can help though!

Hi Clark! Nice to see you again! :happy:

Excellant :partying_face:

Yes, reading about LD ing before going to sleep can really help. Also someone (I think it was Jeff) mentioned on another thread that it was scientifically proven that if you read at least 20 minutes before going to bed you get more REM. I don’t know if it is true but it can’t hurt.

Happy Dreaming

I work as a postman, so I have to get up at 3:45am. When I’ve got work the next day, my bedtime routine tends to go like this:

1 - Go to bed about 7pm.
2 - Watch a comedy DVD for 30 minutes (gets me in a good mood)
3 - Read a book until I can’t hold my eyes open any longer
4 - Roll over and go to sleep.

By simply having the book as an LD book, and maybe asking myself if I’m dreaming a few times as I drift off to sleep, I might be able to really get good at this.

I tried it last night, but it didn’t work. I did however dream that I was reading my lucid dreaming book in the dark. Why the hell that didn’t seam illogical enough to make me lucid I have no idea! :spinning:

Keep practicing with it. Go with what is working for you.

Happy Dreaming