LDs, OBEs, and APs

Which one should I concentrate on first? I found many sources of information on all 3 and the discovery of I-Doser opened the world of these phenomenoms. There’s just too much information to be taken in so I decided to learn in small steps. What should I concentrate on first?

I-doser didn’t work for me, but I suggest LD’s first

Even though I OBE fairly regularly, LD’s are very difficult for me to initiate… so one isn’t a prerequisite for the other. But, I think my reasonably good memory for OBE’s (many people have difficulty remembering everything that happens out-of-body) came from keeping a regular dream journal. So, even though I didn’t go about it that way myself, I’d recommend LD’s first, then OBE’s.

Thanks. From what I’ve been experiencing, I get sleep paralysis first, then I go to either a ND or a LD. To get an OBE I read that you simply just imagine that you are being sucked or pulled out of your body and it happens. Is that true? Or could OBE’s be another form of LD’ing?

It’s hard to explain, but… if you imagine being sucked or pulled out of body, it can facilitate an OBE-- but an OBE isn’t just imagining it happening, so the visualizations like that aren’t required. I suppose it’s kind of the difference between controlled HI’s an a full lucid dream, so…

… kind of taken for granted that they are, but hope you’ll soon be in a position to judge for yourself! :grin: