Is the second time having an LD harder than the first?

Nope, it’s usually easier. You alerady know you can do it, and you found method that seems to work on you.

It depends :smile:

Yea i agree with Duck. Once I had my first LD the others came easier and I could remember more details. :smile:

Well, I suppose you have an idea what to expect, that makes it more likely you’ll stay in the dream longer. My first LDs were DILD (non RC) Because they weren’t caused by an intentional method things didn’t get massively easier but certainly did get easier with the 100% knowing that I can LD :smile: And It’s just how long before I do again :wink:

The only problem is that most of my friends that got interested in LD’ing, had there first one in about 2-5 days from starting doing RC’s(one even made 7 DC’s in his FIRST LD). But nowadays I try DILD and do a lot of RC’s…Sometimes WBTB’s if I have enough will to do them. I have been doing all/most of this for about 3-4 weeks from starting my DJ and nothing. Kind of getting frustrating. But I’m not giving up! :happy: