Has anyone ever tried this before? It’s just an idea that I thought of.

LDSD = Lucid Dreaming after Sleep Deprivation - A technique in which one deprives themselves of sleep so they can then rapidly enter the dream-state through WILD or MILD means.

This technique is similar to WBTB only on a more extreme scale.

  1. The user would skip a night of sleep. During this time perhaps they would keep their mind active by focus on LD research and reading through their DJs.

  2. The user of the technique would likely be thoroughly tired due to the lack of sleep and therefore…

  3. They would be able to rapidly enter a LD through the use of MILD or WILD.

Would anyone be willing to deprive their sleep in order to try it? Thoughts?


two thoughts…

  1. Some of the best and longest LDs are after a full night’s rest.
  2. Going without sleep for a long time, you would probably just have a deep dreamless sleep to make up for lost sleep.

This technique does not work. Once, I had a sleepless night, and when I went to bed the next day, I had a dreamless sleep. :sad: