Learn more about oneself

It’s been a few weeks I’ve been trying to meet my subconscious in order to ask him questions about myself, but I didn’t manage to find him yet (well… I managed to, but there was always something preventing me from talking to him… something like waking up at the wrong moment).

So, I thought I could create this topic so that those who already managed to talk (directly or indirectly) to their subconscious could share their experience, so that it could give me a hint (and, who knows, to other people who would like to do the same thing), and maybe talk about how talking to your subconscious can affect you in your life.

I think talking to a DC is the same as talking to you SC… I mean, It is your SC that controlls the DC’s response right?

Technically yes, but not all DCs are aware of this fact that they are DCs ; at least many of them appear not to be aware of it. It reminds me of a topic I read recently about the different kinds of DCs that can be met :


I’ve also read a similar article on another forum, but can’t find it… But it makes me believe that I just cannot ask any DC to answer my questions without getting an odd look…

If you think about it, why woud your subconscious give out information? It’s subconscious for a reason.

Well, I think the subconscious is like a giant database ; it stores information (a lot of information), and I guess this information can be accessed if we ask… I already managed to recall a long time memory in a lucid dream, so I guess what I’d like to do is possible.

Wow, that reminds me of one…
I was in a really nice yard/garden place, where animals wouldn’t run from you and there was stuff to eat. Beautiful place. After a while I came across this big wooden box with a 2-layer glass window in front. The thing was dusty, dirty, and had to be years old, and inside there was a white bird. I wanted to let it out, but someone told me it wasn’t possible, even when I asked again.

So what’s the big hidden message? I dunno.

On another note, I’ll have to start chatting with my suspected SG…

There is more to the SC then just stored info. There is a lot of info. in there, but lots of it you don’t realy want to dream about. Endless hours of english gramer rules just is not a good dream. :grin: On the other hand there are things in the SC that we don’t want to remember. They can come out as monsters in dreams, or recuring situations that give us problems to solve. It could well be that our SC is trying to tell us something, and we are stoping it. Wakeing up befor you can talk to your SC could also be coming from you, not your SC.
Meditation can also help if you are trying to find more out about yourself. Maybe you should try that for a while, then you may have an easyer time getting your SC to talk to you in your dreams. :om: