Learning how to LD over summer?

Is it possible for me to learn how to LD over summer vacation? I mean to the extent that I could use the WILD technique or one of the other ones and always achieve a lucid dream if I want to when going to sleep.

Is this possible or how long does it take generally to master this?(I know it differs from person to person but anyway…)

Ty for help :smile:

It’ very hard to say. Generally if you know what you are doing then it doesn’t take much time, but becoming lucid is not like some mathematical problem where you have steps that you follow and at the end you get the good result. With becoming lucid, specially in WILD you have many variables then can and will vary from day to day.

But if you put a real effort in it then I believe you can learn it in 3 months, but still you shouldn’t have this kind of approach. Because even if you do learn it in this 3 months or doesn’t matter how many, when school begins a lot will change, that’s the variables that I was talking about and if you do get WILD going over summer it doesn’t mean that it will work later.

Well, I guess I wanna say that we have to learn as long as we are alive, and that goes for becoming lucid. I would suggest to start as soon as possible and give yourself time and even if you don’t succeed in over summer don’t give up, because trust me, you will learn a lot even if it may seems like you didn’t get any progress!

FTS is right. I don’t think being able to LD at will would be all that desirable anyway. Some normal dreams are so fun precisely because you DON’T know whats going to happen next!

Ok thanks, I was not intending upon giving this up. It’s just that as well as I am doing this for my own personal interest I am also doing this as my third year of Gymnasie(gymnasie=swedish highschool) project.
I had in thought of completing it during summer break and that’s essentially why I asked in the first place. :smile:

I’m definitely going to continue doing this as long as my interest in the subject remains.

Right now I have created a dream journal, I make reality checks everytime I pick up my phone, my ipod and when I look at my watch. I have also read the entire guide on this website and a lot of information on other websites as well. Last but not least, I have ordered a book on the subject.

I am currently not trying to achieve lucid dreams, instead at the moment I’m trying to remember all my dreams and write them down in my journal. It’s working out nice so far :smile:

The only thing I seem to be struggling with is my breathing when I am about to sleep. I read somewhere that you should try to breath with your spine and that the breathing motion should feel like a sluggish liquid passing through you.

Ty for the answer dB_FTS and if any of you other guys got any tips please share :smile:

I’ve never heard the sluggish liquid thing. Sounds kind of weird to be honest. I wouldn’t worry much about that. It’s good that you’re working on your DR. That is important, and it gives you an insight into your dreams. That is important. I recommend reading “Exploring Lucid Dreaming” by Stephen LaBerge, and along with that you should also get “A Course on Lucid Dreaming” which is a supplementary course to go along with Exploring Lucid Dreaming. These will generally take you step by step on how to achieve lucidity. The time frame is anywhere from 7 weeks to as long as a year. Each chapter in “A Course on Lucid Dreaming” ought to take you a week to finish all the exercises.
More reading would be “Lucid dreaming: A Gateway to the inner self” by Robert Waggoner which goes into the spiritual and self-healing aspects of LD.
I personally recommend “Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light” By Norbu Rinpoche, this is an excellent guide on Dream Yoga and a great insight into Tibetan Lucid Dreaming. There are some excellent things the Australian Natives have to say about Dream in general. They are most excelled in the area of dreamwork and they bring it into their everyday life, and base their whole realities on it. It is very interesting. So too do many other native cultures, so read up on it.

So, yeah, its possible to learn to LD over the summer. I haven’t managed to be able to do it whenever I want, but I don’t mind really. I like just remembering my dreams. Also makes you think about what is really real.

I think it was Mark Twain that said “Dreams are real as long as they last. Can the same be said for life?”

One thing I noticed after recording my dreams for a while is that I always stay in bed for about 12 hours. I normaly sleep about 8-9 hours when I I’m free from school but now the time span have increased with about 50%. Is this something anyone else have experienced?

The book I ordered was written by Stephen Laberge so I think I got the right one :smile:

Don’t think I’m stressing my path to lucidity guys. I just want to finish my school project before school starts again and since everyone get different results when trying this out there isn’t a need for me to include my own lucid dreams in the project. Even though that would be cool :tongue:

Well you’ve definitely got the right attitude for LDing I reckon, if you’re pacing yourself but maintaining confidence. That’s what I’m aiming to do!

I’d like to work on LDing this summer and, although I had been thinking about it for 2 months or so, I only really actively started working at it at the beginning of June. After 19 days, despite the fact I was still focusing on dream recall and fine tuning my somewhat unreliable technique, I had my first proper lucid dream. Now my confidence is through the roof!

I basically did what you did; read everything there is to read about the subject, join these forums, read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by LaBerge and set it as a long-term goal for the summer. Good luck!

Just dont drop your dream journal and you’ll be fine… don’t get lazy.

I used to practice WILD twice a day, and I made some progress.

Uhh yeah. Summer is a few months, and it took me about one month to achieve my first streak of constant LD’s. So yes, if you are committed, do techniques every few days and CONSTANTLY do RC’s, write in your DJ, and really focus on LL. It helps…

How exactly did you practice it? Did you take midday naps, or did you train Yoga or any other way around?

I think I will start of by going with the MILD technique but I will definitely try WILD as well since it expands what I can write about in my project.

Ty guys for the help and positive attitude, I’ll try my best :smile:

I’m sure you can make lots of progress during summer! Some quick tips off the top of my head:

  • Try different techniques until you start getting results, but remember to give each some time before you rule it out. And by results I mean anything out of the ordinary such as HI or SP or just any new experiences, not just a full LD.
  • Keep a DJ and write as much as you can possibly remember about your dreams. Try to describe as many senses as possible, emotions, thoughts. Even if you have very vague feelings or almost no recall. And try to make it fun! Challenge yourself to keep detailed and organized dreams (be it on paper or on a computer. I find typing is less boring when it comes to looong dreams!).
  • Try WBTB and see if it helps you. You don’t need to stay up 30 minutes, for some people just 5 minutes is enough, and then try whatever technique you choose. Try playing around with the times (how long you sleep before you get up and how long you stay awake before you go back to sleep). This will also help with your DR. I wake up in the night and write down some quick notes on my dreams so I can remember the context later, then when I wake up for good later I type the whole thing out.
  • (This might be the most important one) Try your best not to get frustrated if you don’t get results! Try to focus on the bright side. As in “I didn’t get lucid last night, but I remembered my dreams clearer than usual” or “no LD but I almost got to SP”. Try to have fun with the whole learning process (because it is a learning process, not just something like finding the right technique for you and BAM! you can LD at will :tongue: ). Try also to realize how amazingly fun ND’s can be. That will help your motivation, making it less of a chore to write down your dreams, etc. Because, trust me, ND’s can be so increadible you get to a point you don’t even care that much if you get lucid or not :happy:

Anyway, good luck! (wall of text longer than predicted :roll: )

I set myself this goal too, since I have so much free time why not spend it learning to WILD every night? :smile: and best of all I can see progress

Thanks for the wall of text mattias, some useful points you made there :smile:

It’d say it’s possible.
But, what’s most important is expectation. How you precieve the difficulty of getting lucid dreams, really effects your outcome. As well as the effort you put into it.

Cool, I’ll try my best. Tackar :smile:

Now I’m struggeling with my reality checks. Everytime I do them I’m always aware of the fact that I’m a not dreaming and thus making the checks somewhat annoying. Is there any way I could learn or practice how to acctually put reality in questionso my reality checks do make a difference?