'Learning' in a lucid state.

I’ve been researching the lucid dreamstate extensively for a few weeks now. I haven’t experienced a lucid dream since a random awakening I had a year ago. All that out of the way, here is my question:

While LDing, if I were to pick up a book that I’ve never read on a subject I’ve vaguely heard of, what kind of information would be presented? If there are things such as shared dreams and universal conscousness, wouldn’t I recieve a stream of information in the form of that book?

Please, share your experiences on this, and whatever related tangent you wish.

reading in dreams is usually hard and pointless…

but you can sometimes get weird information, for me it usually seems biased by my subconscious in one way or another…

but I have been able to play guitar insanely well in a dream in what SEEMS to be legitmate scales, sometimes… (though how would I know? I don’t know many scales)

and one time a DC taught me piano, becuase I had forgotten it… it didn’t help me though becuase I still can’t remember any of the left handed piano chords, despite knowing them well as a child.

I play clarinet a lot in my dreams and it’s always accurate as far as i know, i think it helps me to not forget how to play since I haven’t played in a year now… I want to, I just wish i could be HOME ALONE!!!

:grrr: :grrr:

trying to make psychedelic clarinet music seems fun.

but yeah so… I don’t nkow that you could learn anything, but it’s worth trying, I’ve wanted to ask a legendary guitarist for lessons for a while, but never really remember to.

you might want to try using the search feature, i’m sure there was a similar post a while back that might have some relevant posts.

no one can really answer that. It could be a number of things, such as information from other books you have read. Newspaper articles, scenes in your subconcious from a tv program. Misformed words or similar meaningless rubbish.

Chances are if you got any relevant info it would be the vague parts that you did know. Possibly with some mixed in that you heard but wasn’t listening to that just happens to be in your subconscious.

Not neccessarily. I would think you would need to be in a shared dream with someone or be “connected” to the universal consciousness to get that information. It would be an effort on your part as this type of thing rarely happens “accidentally” just because you chose to read a book.

I once had a dream where some airforce guy was telling me about “warping” time and how they used it on their secret stealth plane. The whole equation was written out on a whiteboard but not being versed in quantum mechanics i don’t know if it actually meant anything at all. Would be interesting to find out if i could remember the math behind it all.

So yeah it’s a possibility that you could do that just extremely unlikely or difficult to do.

You could however commit the said book to short term memory (speed read it) and tap into that memory via LD. It’s a concept I’ve been fond of for some time, but still haven’t gotten quite right. I can recall one or 2 paragraphs and then things begin to fragment and the text (in this case a dream character reading from the book) becomes unrecognizable.