Learning language through lucid dreams

Hi guys,

I was reading about Lucid Dreams and been trying to have lucid dreams and I’m wondering if anybody has read anything or had any experiences where it can help in language learning through your lucid dreaming?

I live in Korea, and I’m wondering if you subconscious could pick up on the language and once I can start to become more lucid in my dreams and be able to control them, if I can use them as a language learning tool?

It’s possible. A RL friend of mine told me that when he has lucid dreams he often times hear some foreign language words (that he has never heard of before). When he looked it up online they actually existed. It might be that his SC picked up that words from somewhere.

I also read online that one student always had dreams when she studied at night. In those dreams she saw herself studying. She claims that she got better grades every time she dreamed it.

So yes, lucidity can help in learning, a lot. Often times when you learn many things in one day it is hard to remember it all, but your SC picks it up and learning it again in dreams would help a lot.

Just make sure to double check anything you learn. Just because your SC might pick up foreign languages does not mean that it knows how to process them correctly. It might say something like “Hay un muchacho se llama Waldo, pero yo necissito ochenta y ocho puntos dos gatos; donde es el dio de queso por Wal-Mart?” which I actually heard in a dream when i was trying to learn Spanish.

Roughly translated, it means “there is a man named Waldo, but I need 88.2 cats; where is the god of cheese for Wal-Mart?”

We should be open to the idea that even a lucid dream is just a dream. While “normal” sleep, one’s brain most probably gets the things sorted the conscious mind experienced over the day.

Many people learning languages, instruments or other skills say they get better when they practice some time (several hours) and go to sleep then. Next day they can play the notes, for example, they failed playing one day before.

So the question could also be: Can lucid dreaming prevent us from “sorting out” things? In my opinion, it doesnt make a difference, as dreaming is only a short phase of sleep, but just my 2 cent.

Yes, song as you’ve ha prior exposure to the language.

I too have had dreams where I have spoken a language fluently that I only had a small based in (Spanish 2) and when I checked about 3/4 of the thing I said actually made perfect sense. I was naturally astounded by this. Your SC does remember absolutely everything you learn, say, or so in your whole life, plus dreams. I must have been exposed to enough Spanish to the point where my SC could actually make the language fluent for me in some degree.

I’ve heard of people even studying for tests in LDs. For example, if you read a chapter in a textbook and then have to study it for a test; your SC has already processed the chapter, and you know everything from the chapter, making it WAY better to study in a dream because your SC has a better understanding of all the information and whatnot.
Also (@allenthelero), if your SC remembers everything, wouldn’t it be SOOOO cool to time travel in a LD to when you were younger and see everything again?

madison981, that would be great, awesome idea!! :grin:

And about learning in LD’s, I’ve never experienced something like that, I’m still to much obsessed with doing stupid and crazy things in LD’s rather then some useful things! :tongue:

I lived 2 years in Germany though i was mostly speaking french and english because my german was low level. Understanding was ok but not language production.

In my dreams i was a lot better than in RL. And it happened quite often because of my situation.

However the real life improvment was slight. Only i got better fluency through dreaming.

I’ve never even though of that!

That is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a while, I’ll see how that goes for me. Possibly I could even be a little kid again or watch it from third person. And about studying in LD’s; sure its handy and all but unless I could LD on a consistent basis it would still be really difficult to concentrate on studying knowing you have everything you can possibly imagine waiting at you’re fingertips.

memorizing choir music too… I haven’t tried piano or clarinet yet…
But seriously, study! it helps!