Learning skills through dreaming

I was just thinking how time often seems to slow down in dreams…some nights I’ll feel like I’ve lived 5 years in one dream. Anyways, I was just wondering whether it’s possible to acquire skills in a dream…for example, when I was like 12 I had a LD where this huge crowd of people was standing on the beach in this rocky bay, and they were all whistling. So I sat down on a rock and tried to whistle. Whistling is one of the things that I could just never do, but when I woke up from that dream, I was able to whistle REALLY well - like I could even do that reverse whistle thing. I dunno…maybe that was just an exception, but it would seem that if you have a very vivid LD that seems to last for years then you should be able to advance some area in that time…I have always noticed that in my long long dreams where I get married and buy a house and stuff I often wake up feeling much more mature.

Anyways…post any thoughts :content:

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It’s already a topic :smile: