left and right hand

this isn’t exactly to do with dreams but just after you have awoken.

My friend told me that she writes with her right hand and normally during the day she can’t right very well or not at all with her left hand. But she told me that within the first instance of her awaking in the morning she wrote her signature as perfectly with her left hand as she normally does with her right hand. She told me that after a while the effect wears off, this could be for any number of reasons.
I haven’t remembered successfully to do this in the morning but I thought if I mentioned it here, someone else might like to have a go. I am sure it doesn’t matter whether you are right or left handed.
post you results.
p.s. I am left handed if ur wondering.

Will do, i will let you know what happens. Just so you know, i might not be able to judge it, my normal handwriting is nearly illegible to most people!

I’m ambidextrous, but I have a much better calligraphy when I’m writing with my right hand. However, I sometimes catch myself writing with the left one perfectly, and after I notice what hand I’m using, the calligraphy becomes awful again and I have to switch hands.

I could try, but I’m barely capable of even right-handed writing when I wake up in the morning! zombie

I’ll try, but I’ve been training myself to be ambisinister(my own word - left handed with both hands.) so that may affect it. I am left handed, by the way.