I was wondering today, how many Lucid Dreamers here are Left-Handed? I’m Left-Handed, who else here is? And does it really make any difference?

Thanks! Dalton, not a dreamer, but seems to get on better with dreamers.

I, myself, am right-handed, but I don’t know if it really makes any difference what hand you use the most. Although, I have heard that left-handers seem to be more creative than right-handers, or something like that. I could be wrong :tongue:

I’ve been told that I am creative, in my poetry, I don’t know. I never really debate it. It would be kind of interesting to see if the proportion of people who LD, if it’s one in ten that are left-handed, then it doesn’t matter, if it’s more than being left-handed is an asset; it could be less. The part of the brain that controls you left hand is also the same part of the brain where creative thoughts are born; that may actually inhibit your ability to dream, since that part of the brain would need to rest more? I hardly know what I’m talking about, just shooting off the top of my head. I’ve written some poetry from some dreams I’ve had, I try to ‘dream awake’ whenever I write.

This was my variation on my childhood “Sun is dead” Dream:

The world spins as it falls down the bottom of the well, we see the glimmers of our surroundings disappear as we near the depths. Oh how we dread it’s muddy end; but only then we stop spinning. We fall strait, no wind diverts our path, the only thing moving in the dark, dirty hell. No cries for mercy, no final goodbyes, not even a final mystery; we fall beneath the darkness into the depths of a needless abyss that freezes in july.

Oh Daddy tell me why,
Everybody chose to die?
Chose death over continued life,
Abandoned peace for a bitter strife?

They were only sleeping, they were only dreaming…

Oh Mommy can’t you tell me,
Why they all jumped into the sea?
Chose to drown in an empty mass,
Instead of living on the green, green grass?

They were only sleeping, they were only dreaming…

Grandma can’t you explain,
Why they all chose pain?
Falling on rusting knives,
Instead of wanting to stay alive?

They were only sad, they were only mad…

Grandpa I can’t possibly understand,
A generation poisoning the land.
Choosing black crud over sparkling rivers,
Why were they takers not givers?

They were only sad, they were only mad…

It’s also about how hopeless I feel about the world.

Dalton, really enjoying this.

well im not really left handed i can wright left handed it looks the same as my right, but i just wright with my right, but anyways i seem to have the brain of a lefty, i used to make up storys when i was little and my dad thought they were good haha he honstly thought so

I can write with my right, and it’s actually somewhat easier, since the Roman alphabet wass designed for right-handed people. In school I was never told this, I had to learn the same way everybody else did, and my hand-writing looked like crap for years. Now, I can write, mouse, drill, and eat with my right-hand. Most ‘ambidextrous’ people are left-handed people, who, later in life, developed reasonable dexterity in their right hands; I still prefer the left. I think this is why left-handed guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Dick Dale or Tony Iommi are so good; years of dexterity training in a world biased against the left hand. As for Art, I just think Left-handed people tend to appreciate art more, and therefor there’s a greater reward for the production of art. I’m a little disappointed, however, nobody on on ld4all seems to be a lefty. Oh well…

Dalton, you left-hand man.

My theory is, that if there is any difference at all, it would be that left- and righthanded people appreciate art in different ways. Me and a friend of mine had a little art exhibition once, and she is left-handed and I’m right-handed. Her art was more abstract, yet beutiful, more fantasy, shapes and colour. I wanted to paint as real as possible.
Do anyone of you know if abstract imaginative artists like Dalí or Chagall were left-handed?

I’m left-handed in most things. Personally I don’t think it makes much difference. If there is one however, then it’s probably more to do with placebo effects (the act of believing there’s a difference realizes the difference).

There’s a poll about left/right handed and if it does affect lucid dreaming right here:

Please vote if you feel like it :grin:

I know, i just saw that post. I would have went there with my questions, but didn’t even check. I think there’s a slight difference, there is a high percentage of left-handed who are successful, people don’t really understand it. Some think there is a difference, because the right-side of the brain controls genius. Mozart was left-handed…

And yes, to the post even higher up. I love David Lynch movies, most people I know hate them. I like the weird paintings, the weird music especially. It’s kind of depressing, so many things out there are just so strait-forward. However I do appreciate realism as it relates to a fantasy.

is he the one that did fight club or mullhand dr becuase they have the same first name, and their last names sound alike, oh and but the wasy like i said befor im carlesstofall and i said eairly im not really left but i can still wright left and im right, but i do alot of things left, so im like ambu… oh forget it you know what i mean haha

He did Mulholland Dr. and Twin Peaks, also Blue Velvet and Dune. I consider whatever hand you use the most your ‘Hand’. So I’m Left. My Right hand isn’t a crab claw, however.