Leren Nederlands - Learning Dutch

Why not learn Dutch!

For anybody who is learning dutch, I’ve created a dutch learning topic in the dutch forum at: https://ld4all.com/nl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1389

The idea is the longer you spend in a Dutch enviroment the better.

:gni: and i have locked it again since we already had a perfectly good learn dutch topic :grin:

but the link is still there so check it out :content:

Shouldn’t the topic be “Nederlands leren - learning Dutch”? LOL seems like there’s still much work to do :tongue:

Good luck to everyone who’s going to try :smile:

Sorry about that. Here’s the proper link: https://www.ld4all.com/nl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=660 Although personaly i can’t work out what the topic is really about. :tongue:

Hallo, omdat de NL forum nu gesloten is, kunnen we hier misschien blijven Nederlands leren? ^_^

Hello, since the NL forum is now closed, maybe we can continue learning Dutch here? :slight_smile:

Hoe gaat het allemaal?

How is everyone doing?

Het gaat goed, met jou?

Waar komen jullie vandaan?

Hoi Mario, leuk dat je hier langskomt.
Ik kom uit de Filipijnen. Ik spreek nog steeds niet vloeiend en moet vaak Google translate gebruiken. Ik was ook Geen
lid op het Nederlandse forum.