Less to no lucid dreams

Hi everyone.
I started my journey in lucid dreaming around 3 months ago. On my first month I achieved around 5 LDs with different levels of intensity. I was excited about the experiences as they were amazing and not like anything I had lived before. I decided to make lucid dreaming as part of my life and have continued investigating and learning new techniques and else.
Issue is, after the first month of lucid dreaming I have virtually not been able to achieve lucidity (2 straight months with no lucid dreams). I have not done anything different or diminished my enthusiast for lucid dreams. Ive been:

Keeping updated daily dream journal.
5 to 10 or more reality checks per day.
MILD every time I go to sleep.
Wake up around 4 to 5 hours after sleeping, and go back to bed after writting down my last dream.
Tried WILD a couple of times.

Still, have not been able to achieve lucidity after the first month. When I had LDs on the first month, they usually were because I somehow got to ask the question in my dream “am I dreaming?”. Currently, as weird and irrational my dream may be, I just never get to ask that question, hence never get lucid.

Can I get some guidance please? Any suggestions or advices? I am certainly not quitting to lucid dreaming.
Thanks a lot.

I used to LD all the time. I am just getting back into it I am new again. Really all you can do is keep up the dream journal and appreciate your dreams and thank them for the gifts they bring to your waking life and too your wellness. Relax a little and only do the RC when something really feels off, then when something is off in your dream you will do it. Maybe I am wrong…but years ago when I would have 5 lucid dreams a night they never came because of reality checks. I just realized things were strange, impossible, and too scary to be real. And then I had lots of fun and easily woke up and went back into the LDs instead of instantly jumping to write them down. They are really fun.

When younger I had dozens of lucid dreams, of varying length and clarity, from barely knowing I was dreaming up to so real I had to convince myself it was a dream. As I aged these became fewer, though I continued to have meaningful dreams of a shamanic character. I am now 65 and I have had a few lucid interludes lately. I think we do change internally as we age and our dream consciousness alters.