Let´s achieve LD together!

My experienced with WILD haven´t been very successful. This technique doesn´t suit to me. I´ve tried it many times. Just lying in the bed one hour and some times even more, my body gets numb, I´ve heard voices and seen pictures, I feel that my body is like liquid, I also feel that my hands are about 20 cm off the bed. If these things happen, I get excited because I know that I am coming closer to become lucid. Then my heart starts to beating faster and wakes my physical body up and I lose everything. And after that I can´t fall asleep. I prefer MILD :wink:

PerPle-The very first time I achieved WILD was like this-I was lying in bed on my side, listening to the analog clock, when I started hearing white noise and random blue rectangles popped up everywhere. Then one of the rectangles expanded into a tunnel which I was sucked into, and it felt like everything was shaking like crazy, then it stopped and I couldnt move my muscles, it was probably SP .Then I just waited and a really hazy scene appeared, and I waited for about 5min while it became even more clear, until I saw a palm tree on the beach of my scene, then I decided to touch it and I found myself in the dream.

2nd time-It was basically the same thing, except without the violent shaking and SP, the scene just materialized and I did the same thing ,I touched something in it and got into the dream. Very satisfying , especially first time.
The rest resembled the 2nd time.

About your head throbbing and jolts going through your head, everyone has their own strange method of entering SP, and as long as it isnt painful its very good, as it means youre entering SP . Just survive it for a couple more minutes and then youll get into the calm of SP. If it is painful-2 thing could have happened-1. you hit your head on something 2. Somethings not right in your head, not to scare you or anything, but as long as it doesnt recur or no pain(or slight, you may get them mixed up because of the state youre in), then youre good, but if you feel sharp acute pain every time you try I would go see a doctor.

Now about your swallowing problem-I find that when you put your pillow closer to your back, your head gets an incline and you have to swallow less often, and the closer you get to SP, the less you salivate, so the less youll have to swallow.

Now about FILD, ill be sure to try it at the earliest opportunity, but just to clarify a few things, you have to be in a half asleep state when you try, or can you just lie down in the middle of the night after walking around a bit and itll work?
And I know what you mean my stabilizing the dream, back when I was an active LDer I tried this thing kinda like FILD , I just closed my eyes and opened them 1 min later and I got in a dream, and I know that you have to not do any sudden things like fly for the first 5 min or the dream is gonna collapse, and also when I tried that, I had vivid dreams. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Sorry for this big wall’o text :smile:

Having one of my off couple of days. No recall for 2 days. Feel confident about tonight. I’m trying WILD, V-WILD, bit of MILD and last but not least my latest addition FILD. Wishing you all luck.
Bit of motivation here now.
I have tried loads of things like lucid dreaming: self hypnosis, idoser and can never get them to work. However I had a lucid dream, If I can do it then anyone can. Practise makes perfect. A journey of 1000miles must begin with a single step.

I had many LDs before I heard about this concept. But then it stopped because I had many sleepless nights etc… Recently, couple of months ago I heard that there is such thing as LDs and tried to have LDs. First I focused on remembering my dreams. That is not difficult for me. And then I used RC, I was just looking at my hand and I knew I was in a dream. I had 4 LDs this way. But when I wanted more, it just stopped. It has been more than a month now and I can not have LDs. And enjoying them so much I want them so much! So I am with you! I hope we can have LD soon!

:write: , i’m taking this all down! Dark_Heroes_Master its not a painful jolt but it scares the heck out of me. WILD sounds so easy when you do it. at what times do you do it anyway? because maybe thats my problem, im doing it at wrong times like when i get home from work at 3 and im usually so tired that i go right to sleep and hardly remember any dreams at all but i thought you can do WILD at any time but now i’m hearing you cant :confused: I guess i’ll have to agree with Miredo and say this technique doesnt suit me! About FILD, i would do it when im still drowsy and yes in a half asleep state. i think you can do WBTB with it but i mainly do it after i just get up to turn off my alarm or after a dream or sometimes i even do it while im dreaming but you have to still be really sleepy. to me its the same concept as when you try to WILD at that time.

I like your positive attitude lbsf1, im goin to write up a Sigil for all of us to achieve LDs! and immagini maybe thats the problem. i had most of my LDs when i decided to take a break and completely forgot about the concept. i think you should stop working so hard on trying to get LDs and just let them come to you like they use to cuz you’re a natural (i so wish i was like that) and you’re probably just going through a dry spell, soon the rain will fall and the drought will be over. :content:

Just don’t forget to focus more on having LD’s, and less on wanting LD’s. Sounds silly, but it can really help!

Keep going everyone and don’t give up, sooner or later you’ll get it! :grin:

As long as you dont feel pain, its OK, its just you going into SP, which means youre almost there :grin:
And NO, NO, NO, you can not do it whenever you want :angry:
You come home at 3:00 a.m ? :eek:
Anyway, WILD, as long as you get the right time, its actually fairly easy. This is how I found my perfect time to WILD-first, I’ll have to tell you that it has to be done after 5-6 hours of sleep, so you can go right to REM sleep and get in that dream. So this is how I founf my time to WILD-set alarm to 5 hours later, then tried WILD, couldnt get it. Then 5 hours 10 min, still didnt work. 20,20,40,50, 6 hours, and 6 hours 10 didnt work but after I tried 6h20 as soon as I tried I got vivid HI right away and then within 5 min I got a faint image forming, and 10 min later I was in my dream :smile: you try the 10 min increments as well, you know you have the right time when you start seeing very vivid HI within5-10 min. Good luck!

I still havent been able to try out FILD :crying:

Wow, FILD works better than I expected. I tried and it worked! :woo:
The problem I had with FILD was that I had a frozen sight, does somebody know how to get the frozen sight away?

What is FILD? :confused:

Its a technique to achieve LDs where you wiggle your fingers to get you into a dream

Became lucid last night for atleast 2 minutes!
after the 9th night of obsessing over LD’ing

Really stupid mistake yesterday. Woke up at 6 and was still really tired. So tried FILD. After about 30secs of FILD i thought I’m not asleep yet. However within the next 15-20 secs of FILD I fell asleep without any dream or anything :sad:

I am going to ld tonight :smile:

:lol: I come home at 3 p.m. i will definitely try WILD tonight and do it your way step by step Dark_Heroes_Master because come to think of it i never really tried WILD at those times, its usually sometime in the day or before i go to bed :grin: (i know…very bad idea). Wish me luck.
Congrats BlueMoon on FILDing! that is what usually happens when you FILD, your vision is messed up but what i do now is put on a pair of glasses and that usually solves the problem. there are other ways like tearing your frozen sight away like its a piece of paper stuck to your face and so on, never tried that though. If it works let me know!

Congrats Patches and Good luck lbsf1…almost there!

Yeah, you HAVE to do a RC there :tongue: The one time I tried FILD I was SURE it didn’t work, but did the RC anyway. Scared me awake the fact that I was dreaming!! :lol:

and good luck with WILD PerPle!

Oh well you said when you come home you are really tired so i assumed it was later in the night. About WILD, yeah, it is physically impossible to do it when youre first going to sleep.

Patches-Congrats :mrgreen_hat: Keep on practicing! Nothing better than a good LD, eh?

see, this is exactly what I thought FILD will be like-extremely vivid and easy to get LDs. And I love that feeling when youre sure you arent dreaming but then you do an RC and wham!

Oh, no no! It’s not impossible at all! Just A LOT harder. Many people are able to WILD at right as they go to bed :wink:

WritersCube says he just closes his eyes andhe’s in his LD world in about five minutes. I thijnk that’s when he goes to bed too. That might be an extreme case though :shy: I wonder if he LD’s in NREM sleep too :eh:

And as far as my FILD, it really seemed like I was still awake, but I wouldn’t necessarily call that vivid since there wasn’t much sensory experience there. I think if I didn’t wake up and opened my dream eyes I wouldn’t see much… like if the dream had barely formed. Although that’s jusdt one FILD attempt :tongue:

Just to raise my question again:


Once again nothing last night. No dream recal.

Tried FILD but fell asleep again. :wallhit:

Everyday I don’t ld I’m a day closer to having one.

Well your first REM stage is in 1 hour, so if you dream in REM sleep like everyone normal does :grin: then you would have to wait an hour, which isnt right when you go to bed.

Also, tried FILD but didnt work(or maybe it was a very realistic dream and none of 4 rcs worked) First I lied around for 10 min, then wiggled my fingers for 1 min and didnt work :sad: