Let´s achieve LD together!

To my surprise I had a DILD whilst taking a mid morning nap today! that is another first for me… :happy: lbsf1, FILD is a faster version of WILD in my opinion but you usually get low level LDs from trying this technique. i like it only cuz its a lot less work to do in a lot less time just move your fingers and feel yourself drifting consciously into dreamland. i’m going to try it again tonight. Good Luck everybody!

Gah I feel like my recall keeps getting worse!!
trying not to get discouraged… :meh:

Hi guys! I gave up on Lds half a year ago and now trying to get more :grin:
Im gonna be participating in this topic a bit, its nice for other people to encourage you and you helping other people.

It seems PerPle is doing really good :smile:
Keep up the good work!

As motivation ill tell you a story of my 5th Ld or close to that-

First, I drank LOTS of apple juice; does wonders. Had the MOST vivid dream ever in my life-it was dark, and I could feel my body having chills, the cold wind, the sound of it, you know, actually aware! Then I decided, “lets fly!” unfortunately, a couple of meters in the air I had to go to the washroom :sadyes:

Strange thing is, I never have Lds when I was first having a normal dream then I realize im lucid. Nope. Always the dream starts lucid.

PerPle, im gonna follow your example and try FILD. It sounds like an extremely easy method to get high quality LDs, much unlike WILD which I have accomplished a few times which is frustrating and boring. Please tell me more about your experiences with FILD so we can all learn :smile:


First Proper ld last night.

I don’t remember how it started. However I think it was Wild or a false awakening. I was in my bed and did an rc. I was dreaming. It was blurry so rubbed my hands and it improved. I climbed out of my bedroom window and tried to fly by jumping off the roof by my bedroom. As i jumped I closed my eyes and thought I will fly. i didn’t I hit the ground it didn’t hurt though, so I was sure I was dreaming. I then looked up at my room and thought how will I get back in.(don’t know why I thought that) That is all I remember. That is one full ld though.

I am so happy for everybody who have achieved success in LD. I hope that you all continue practicing until you master it.
How many RC-s do you usually do per day?

To expand on Miredos question,
which RC’s do you perform?

Yay! Ld last night! It went like this-I was in my room, which had a mirror(it doesnt in rl) :ding: , then I looked in it and saw that I had two teeth above my normal two rows of teeth, and to that I say, “lets go the dentist” :wallhit: However, I actually realize, “hey somethings not normal”, so I do the nose RC. OMG!! I can breathe through my nose!!! Yea. Then I flew around and vaporized people :grin:

Usually whenever I see something strange-about 2-3 times per day. I always do the nose RC-its the most reliable and easy one to do imo.

I question WL very often but dont come close in my dreams :sad: lol its so weird.

Hey Guys! this is the tutorial on FILD if you havent seen it before and you’re interested.
When i do this technique, i usually enter into low quality LDs and have to put in the extra effort to increase lucidity but when you’re like me and really want a LD you’ll do it :wink:.
i do RCs whenever i remember to do one (like right now). some days i do up to 100 RCs…and others i would do like 2. but i make sure i do one as soon as i wake up cuz i’ve been having alot of FA lately…My fav is the nose RC, it never fails me!

Dark_Heroes_Master, nice LD! i do wish someday i could vaporize people and ill def drink more apple juice! :content:

lbsf1 congrats on your first proper LD! flying wasnt easy for me, i would just jump really high and floated back down. Now i realized that my technique is to move my legs while flying to stay up. try to find your technique.

Good Luck to ALL! Lastnight i actually dreamt about being on ld4all and wondering why i cant see my avatar…

yea i know-i guess you start questioning dreams after you had enough LDs or something? Lots of people say its useless trying to do RCs in RL because you wont get to it in dreams anyway. However, you sometimes get the odd dream where you do.

Tips on flying-Whenever I try to fly, I always start out on the ground, then I jump up and try to swim in the air, and after lots of tries it works and I keep on doing the butterfly stroke and I get faster and faster! To vaporize people, all I do is close my eyes and imagine they wont be there when I open them and theyre not.

Question to PerPle- You only get low quality LDs from FILD? I always though it would be like youre sleeping in your room, then you wiggle you fingers for 30 seconds, then when you stop you get up, just like when you were awake, and then have the same lvl of awareness and you can do whatever you want. Can you give us a description of what it feels like to go through FILD? If you want, I’ll tell you about WILD.

lbsf1-Congrats on your first LD :grin: Continue to get more!

Patches-Yea sometimes you have, “dry” periods. Dont worry, it goes away after 4-8 days, then you should be able to remember all your dreams again.

I am doing WBTB right now. Read a little bit of forum, made RCs ( I do always more than 1 RC, usually I look my hands, hold the nose, read and think what I did 5 minutes ago ).

With FILD all i feel is a tingling sensation through my body, nothing else, then after 30 seconds i would open my eyes and do a RC and most of the time i’m dreaming…like this morning :content:. Thats all to it. Now i would get out of bed and my vision would always be blurry, one time it was so bad that it was like my vision was split between the real world and the dream world. from there i would have to stabilize the dream and not all the times it would work cuz on many occasions i would just give up but lately i’ve been getting the hang of things. i still havent acquired full control over the dreams where i can change the environment and what not but i can ask to see someone and they will show. the DILD i would have now and again would be alot more vivid than FILD to me but maybe thats something i can work on.

Question on WILD : i’ve been trying this technique with much failure. i cant help but swallow and my mind wanders a lot. there was this one time that after i tried it, failed and went back to bed it felt like i was going crazy, my head was throbbing and it felt like jolts going through my brain. it happened twice after i tried WILD and thats when i decided to take a break. Is this normal and can you share your ideas and experiences with WILD?

Good call dark heroes,
3 days of no recall, but i remember atleast 4 from last night.
I cant believe noone of them made me lucid, they made no sense at all haha.
at one point i was bouncing around on a life preserver attached to a bungy chord that extended to the sky in a crazy circular city.
Maybe im not questioning reality enough…
Good job with your FILD’s tho PerPle, thats exciting

My experienced with WILD haven´t been very successful. This technique doesn´t suit to me. I´ve tried it many times. Just lying in the bed one hour and some times even more, my body gets numb, I´ve heard voices and seen pictures, I feel that my body is like liquid, I also feel that my hands are about 20 cm off the bed. If these things happen, I get excited because I know that I am coming closer to become lucid. Then my heart starts to beating faster and wakes my physical body up and I lose everything. And after that I can´t fall asleep. I prefer MILD :wink:

PerPle-The very first time I achieved WILD was like this-I was lying in bed on my side, listening to the analog clock, when I started hearing white noise and random blue rectangles popped up everywhere. Then one of the rectangles expanded into a tunnel which I was sucked into, and it felt like everything was shaking like crazy, then it stopped and I couldnt move my muscles, it was probably SP .Then I just waited and a really hazy scene appeared, and I waited for about 5min while it became even more clear, until I saw a palm tree on the beach of my scene, then I decided to touch it and I found myself in the dream.

2nd time-It was basically the same thing, except without the violent shaking and SP, the scene just materialized and I did the same thing ,I touched something in it and got into the dream. Very satisfying , especially first time.
The rest resembled the 2nd time.

About your head throbbing and jolts going through your head, everyone has their own strange method of entering SP, and as long as it isnt painful its very good, as it means youre entering SP . Just survive it for a couple more minutes and then youll get into the calm of SP. If it is painful-2 thing could have happened-1. you hit your head on something 2. Somethings not right in your head, not to scare you or anything, but as long as it doesnt recur or no pain(or slight, you may get them mixed up because of the state youre in), then youre good, but if you feel sharp acute pain every time you try I would go see a doctor.

Now about your swallowing problem-I find that when you put your pillow closer to your back, your head gets an incline and you have to swallow less often, and the closer you get to SP, the less you salivate, so the less youll have to swallow.

Now about FILD, ill be sure to try it at the earliest opportunity, but just to clarify a few things, you have to be in a half asleep state when you try, or can you just lie down in the middle of the night after walking around a bit and itll work?
And I know what you mean my stabilizing the dream, back when I was an active LDer I tried this thing kinda like FILD , I just closed my eyes and opened them 1 min later and I got in a dream, and I know that you have to not do any sudden things like fly for the first 5 min or the dream is gonna collapse, and also when I tried that, I had vivid dreams. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Sorry for this big wall’o text :smile:

Having one of my off couple of days. No recall for 2 days. Feel confident about tonight. I’m trying WILD, V-WILD, bit of MILD and last but not least my latest addition FILD. Wishing you all luck.
Bit of motivation here now.
I have tried loads of things like lucid dreaming: self hypnosis, idoser and can never get them to work. However I had a lucid dream, If I can do it then anyone can. Practise makes perfect. A journey of 1000miles must begin with a single step.

I had many LDs before I heard about this concept. But then it stopped because I had many sleepless nights etc… Recently, couple of months ago I heard that there is such thing as LDs and tried to have LDs. First I focused on remembering my dreams. That is not difficult for me. And then I used RC, I was just looking at my hand and I knew I was in a dream. I had 4 LDs this way. But when I wanted more, it just stopped. It has been more than a month now and I can not have LDs. And enjoying them so much I want them so much! So I am with you! I hope we can have LD soon!

:write: , i’m taking this all down! Dark_Heroes_Master its not a painful jolt but it scares the heck out of me. WILD sounds so easy when you do it. at what times do you do it anyway? because maybe thats my problem, im doing it at wrong times like when i get home from work at 3 and im usually so tired that i go right to sleep and hardly remember any dreams at all but i thought you can do WILD at any time but now i’m hearing you cant :confused: I guess i’ll have to agree with Miredo and say this technique doesnt suit me! About FILD, i would do it when im still drowsy and yes in a half asleep state. i think you can do WBTB with it but i mainly do it after i just get up to turn off my alarm or after a dream or sometimes i even do it while im dreaming but you have to still be really sleepy. to me its the same concept as when you try to WILD at that time.

I like your positive attitude lbsf1, im goin to write up a Sigil for all of us to achieve LDs! and immagini maybe thats the problem. i had most of my LDs when i decided to take a break and completely forgot about the concept. i think you should stop working so hard on trying to get LDs and just let them come to you like they use to cuz you’re a natural (i so wish i was like that) and you’re probably just going through a dry spell, soon the rain will fall and the drought will be over. :content:

Just don’t forget to focus more on having LD’s, and less on wanting LD’s. Sounds silly, but it can really help!

Keep going everyone and don’t give up, sooner or later you’ll get it! :grin: