Let´s achieve LD together!

As long as you dont feel pain, its OK, its just you going into SP, which means youre almost there :grin:
And NO, NO, NO, you can not do it whenever you want :angry:
You come home at 3:00 a.m ? :eek:
Anyway, WILD, as long as you get the right time, its actually fairly easy. This is how I found my perfect time to WILD-first, I’ll have to tell you that it has to be done after 5-6 hours of sleep, so you can go right to REM sleep and get in that dream. So this is how I founf my time to WILD-set alarm to 5 hours later, then tried WILD, couldnt get it. Then 5 hours 10 min, still didnt work. 20,20,40,50, 6 hours, and 6 hours 10 didnt work but after I tried 6h20 as soon as I tried I got vivid HI right away and then within 5 min I got a faint image forming, and 10 min later I was in my dream :smile: you try the 10 min increments as well, you know you have the right time when you start seeing very vivid HI within5-10 min. Good luck!

I still havent been able to try out FILD :crying:

Wow, FILD works better than I expected. I tried and it worked! :woo:
The problem I had with FILD was that I had a frozen sight, does somebody know how to get the frozen sight away?

What is FILD? :confused:

Its a technique to achieve LDs where you wiggle your fingers to get you into a dream

Became lucid last night for atleast 2 minutes!
after the 9th night of obsessing over LD’ing

Really stupid mistake yesterday. Woke up at 6 and was still really tired. So tried FILD. After about 30secs of FILD i thought I’m not asleep yet. However within the next 15-20 secs of FILD I fell asleep without any dream or anything :sad:

I am going to ld tonight :smile:

:lol: I come home at 3 p.m. i will definitely try WILD tonight and do it your way step by step Dark_Heroes_Master because come to think of it i never really tried WILD at those times, its usually sometime in the day or before i go to bed :grin: (i know…very bad idea). Wish me luck.
Congrats BlueMoon on FILDing! that is what usually happens when you FILD, your vision is messed up but what i do now is put on a pair of glasses and that usually solves the problem. there are other ways like tearing your frozen sight away like its a piece of paper stuck to your face and so on, never tried that though. If it works let me know!

Congrats Patches and Good luck lbsf1…almost there!

Yeah, you HAVE to do a RC there :tongue: The one time I tried FILD I was SURE it didn’t work, but did the RC anyway. Scared me awake the fact that I was dreaming!! :lol:

and good luck with WILD PerPle!

Oh well you said when you come home you are really tired so i assumed it was later in the night. About WILD, yeah, it is physically impossible to do it when youre first going to sleep.

Patches-Congrats :mrgreen_hat: Keep on practicing! Nothing better than a good LD, eh?

see, this is exactly what I thought FILD will be like-extremely vivid and easy to get LDs. And I love that feeling when youre sure you arent dreaming but then you do an RC and wham!

Oh, no no! It’s not impossible at all! Just A LOT harder. Many people are able to WILD at right as they go to bed :wink:

WritersCube says he just closes his eyes andhe’s in his LD world in about five minutes. I thijnk that’s when he goes to bed too. That might be an extreme case though :shy: I wonder if he LD’s in NREM sleep too :eh:

And as far as my FILD, it really seemed like I was still awake, but I wouldn’t necessarily call that vivid since there wasn’t much sensory experience there. I think if I didn’t wake up and opened my dream eyes I wouldn’t see much… like if the dream had barely formed. Although that’s jusdt one FILD attempt :tongue:

Just to raise my question again:


Once again nothing last night. No dream recal.

Tried FILD but fell asleep again. :wallhit:

Everyday I don’t ld I’m a day closer to having one.

Well your first REM stage is in 1 hour, so if you dream in REM sleep like everyone normal does :grin: then you would have to wait an hour, which isnt right when you go to bed.

Also, tried FILD but didnt work(or maybe it was a very realistic dream and none of 4 rcs worked) First I lied around for 10 min, then wiggled my fingers for 1 min and didnt work :sad:

btw just so you guys know im dark_heroes_master

I had my first LD in this year last night! Actually I had two LD-s :content:
I took a little break from LD for three days ( no RC, no DJ ) and yesterday night I decided to get back on track with LD. My plan was to do FILD after 4-5 hours sleep. Before bed I red this forum about FILD and did one RC.
In my dream I had a false memory that I was doing FILD. I did a nose RC after short time and I realized that I am in a dream! I could 'breath with my nose, but I didn´t see anything. I told to myself “Lucidity! Lucidity!” and after that I could see.
I started to look for doors ( I am always interested in who I can find behind the doors, you either find your SG or just a DC and usually they are very interesting ).
Behind my first door I found a woman ( stranger to me ) sitting on the chair infront of the mirror. The reflection in the mirror of her was a man. I talked to her a little bit, and then my lucidity went away. I told the words "Lucidity back! Lucidity back! and I could see a picture again. I was in another place. I looked for doors. Found two toilet doors ( for men and women ), opened one and tried to switch the light on. It had no electricity. All was dark and this dream world seemed quite scary to me for a moment. I decided not to go in. I lost my lucidity again. Repeated the words Lucidity back and got my vision back. I also did a RC. Just to make sure that I was still in dream world. In a different place tough. I decided to swim in the air! It was so fun! When I arrived to another door then instead of just opening it and going in I decided to float through the wall. It was so soft sensation. I was in a room now. I continued floatation. My body had no weight. I floated higher to toucj the ceiling. The same soft sensation. I struggeled to come down softly, coming down was more like falling . I certainly need more practice!
In my next LD basically all I did was asking my DC to tell me that I am in dream world if they see me next time. And after that I did some flying :fly:

Congratulations Mirado!

Wow it seems that it was a pretty long LD. Yeah flying is just awesome. :content:

Had my first vivid ld last night. It started off as a normal dream I had missed the school bus and was running after it I was running so fast that I could keep up with it and just as I reach the rear of the bus my legs suddenly stopped working and I couldn’t run properley It was like slow motion or running through treacle. I thought, damn I really hate when this happens in a dream. Thats when it clicked. However I had to concentrate to get control my mind knew I was dreaming however my body didn’t it still wouldn’t do what I wanted. Then suddenly I got control. I somehow was somewhere else. I was in a car park by a field looking at a wall. It was so vivid. It was like looking at a HD tv after watching standard definition. All the colours were so vidid. I then got excited and it went blurry I tried to calm myself down I rubbed my hands together. They were weird like if you cross your eyes and look at your hands. I stabalized the dream. My first instinct was to try to fly. I saw someone trying to do the same in the field however the fell over. I swear there was more to the dream however after that my mind goes blank. However I’m really pleased it was so vivid, so real.

I AM going to Lucid Dream Again tonight.

:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

Way to go, guys! Man, I wish there was a topic out there like this when I had started, it really seems to be helping a lot of you along.

:cheer: Im so glad to see everyone’s been quite busy Lucid Dreaming. due to my work schedule im forced to put LDing on a hold until the weekend. I hardly write in my DJ because my DR is terrible in the week and it has to remain so because im not going to bed any earlier than 10 and i’ve always had good DR even before i knew about LDing so the little, hazy dreams i do get, i remember. Last night i had 4 really vivid NDs all because i fell asleep at 8! Anywayz its the weekend so ill try to WILD tonight. TGIF! ugh for the whole week i’ve done about 5 RCs. Good Luck Everyone and Bluemoon, i did reply to your post! :beer: