Let's Achieve LD Together! Part II

Congratulations, Threlm! It happens a lot to have a LD after you stop trying, specially if you had been trying too hard.

I have been practising WBTB for couple of nights now and I have a problem with it. When I first go to bed I usually visualize the day as vivid as I can and then do some MILD. Then when I wake to my alarm clock after 4-5 hours of sleep I get up and usually come here to read something about LDing. The problem is that when I go back to bed and try WILD or SSILD I just cant fall a sleep fast and Im feeling kinda stressed or anxious. Im not able to relax and I feel wide awake. It takes me time to get back to the “sleeping mood”. I stay up like 20 to 30 minutes. Any ideas?

Kessi, try staying up less. you need to stay up enough to wake your mind so you don’t just fall right back asleep, but not too much or you’ll have trouble falling asleep. Try to find a balance. :wink:

Hey Jey!

I have been having some LDs now and then! (At last:D)
But I have a small problem… When ever I get an LD it is not as vivid as ND. Usually what I see is only many colors. Nothing solid or physical objects. Could this be for I havent been writing my DJ at all in couple of weeks. I talk about my dreams with my girl friend every day as vivid as I can but that isnt the same thing as DJ is it? Needing help with this. :smile: Cheers

Hi all I have been trying this lucid dream stuff recently and I think I may have had my first LD but not realised I posted here my 1st maybe Lucid Dream? if I can get some advice that will be good :smile: Thanks.

I use Brain Wave Entertainment, I got interested in this sort of stuff when i had an OBE after reading a book about it. it happened a few years ago and never had another OBE since. I remember it well I was chasing a bus and i said to myself if i run any faster i will start flying and i did. and the dream stopped i was in my room and not above my bed i was floating and looking straight on. i looked down then back up, as i turned to look around my room i felt a force push me back on my bed(in my body) and i woke suddenly, the bed still shaking!

lrk89 I have a similar problem - I don’t have much control when I’m lucid. I found this thread and it’s great for learning to gain more control in your LD https://community.ld4all.com/t/dream-control-training-course/31812
Let me know if your dream control improves!

My favourite technique is definitely SSILD. Wow, it’s so easy to do and increases my dream recall massively plus I get false awakenings. I’ve trained myself to do a RC every time I wake up so FA really work well to get lucid. I got lucid just two days ago through this method. Though the LD ws short and the DC didn’t want to speak to me :razz: I have to work on getting more control when I’m lucid.

Good luck everybody and update your progress. Reading about it really motivates me to keep on prcticing!

Hey thanks for the link Miredo I managed to have another dream again last night but it was really weak I had no chance taking control, it was not that vivid but I could not remember it in chronological order.

And is it me or trying to become Lucid is tiring? I wake up feeling tired after a deep dream!

Happy to hear that you had another dream! My dream recall is good, but it’s kind of scary that I don’t understand that I’m dreaming when impossible things happen in my dream. Today I saw that two men were cutting a tree down, but when I got closer the tree had become a dog and they tried to cut the dog into half ( I didn’t find it strange or unreal that tree had become a dog ). I said that they can’t do that to a dog and tried to stop them. They stopped and the dog became a human like creature and came close to me to seek protection. Again - I didn’t cross my mind that such transformation is impossible in real life. Being awake I really don’t understand how I don’t understand that I’m in a dream world when such things happen!

I don’t find it tiring. I do sleep 30-60 min more though because I don’t really have to wake up early since I’m not working much at the moment :razz: I try to go back to sleep when I wake up in hope to get a LD or at least a normal dream. Have you tried SSILD?

I’ve been practicing for a month or so. I’ve gotten some amazing results too. As well I have been writing in a Dream Journal too and it’s helped me a lot suprising. It’s quite fun really learning things that I thought couldn’t be done life…

Only 3 days ago I started trying to have lucid dreams. I’ve been slacking on my dream journal lately, but ever since a few nights ago when I found this site i’ve been trying to get an entry in my dream journal every night and it certainly motivated me alot. I’m excited to experience a lucid dream for the first time. (or the first time in a long time)

Try visualising getting lucid during the day and especially before you fall asleep. It works great for me.

One thing that has worked for me is to visualize doing nose RC when you fall a sleep. Also although I havent been writing my DJ at all in the past weeks I have got many FA, and I mean many. Strainge and fustrating cuz cant get me to do a RC when I wake up… :confused:

Hey everybody! I am new in this forum and I just wanted to share my experiences with lucid dreaming. A few months ago I found out about LD (on 9gag ^^). I never heard of it before. I was really fascinated and started reading about LD on the internet. I may have tried once or twice to get lucid with one of the many techniques (don’t know their names). But it didn’t work. Probably because I gave up quickly. Then I forgot about all this for some time… Until I had my first lucid dream. It was very short and not so clear but I definately knew I was dreaming and I had some controll over the dream and I even tried to do stuff, that wouldn’t work in reality. but because I had no practise it didn’t work in my ld as well. After that experience I spend a little time reading about LD in this forum and I “started” my dream journal which I also gave up quickly ^^. I never really tried to get lucid but from time to time I would go on this site and read a little about it… I had a few more lds in the last couple of months but they were extremly short and of poor quality. Last night I had another ld and I wasn’t even thinking of it for weeks. It was rather long and clear but still not perfect, e.g. I couldn’t fell the grass I was walking on barefoot. It seems to me, that even knowing about LD and reading stuff about it from time to time helps a lot and I get lucid without even trying (especially in times that I don’t even think about it). You just have to be very very patient …
(I may have made a few or more spelling and grammatical mistakes, but I have a good excuse for that: I am from Germany.) :smile:

How is everybody doing?
I’m happy that I haven’t given up achieving LD! Just want to share that it really is worth learning. I am now in a point where I have one LD every week! And I started with not remembering any dreams at all… This forum has helped a lot! Lots of luck and keep on trying and stay motivated! It’s only a matter of time when you get it!

Woo! Let’s start this thing again! :grin:

I’m getting a LD tonight totally

How did it go, Mew151? What technique are you using?

Hmm anyone want to start this topic up again? This would help me a lot! :content:

Aha I say that we should all partner up so that all can collaborate effectively without there being a giant jumble of everyone sharing at the same time.

Anyone up for that?

I’m in, anything to help me :smile:

Sounds like a good idea, maybe it would be helpful if people partnered with those that have had quite a few LDs, that way it won’t just be two people who can’t LD at the moment trying to help each other.