I don’t know where to put this…and this probably isnt the place…but o well. You know on the main page of the forum, it said there were 35 members on March something 2001 or 2002…i already forgot the number…anyways…lets break the record and get like 50 people on!

September 17th at 9 P.M. Central Time. [I live in Texas of the US]. So yeah…if that date isnt good…lets make in sooner/later.


Best bet is 22-24 GMT. Highest use on the forum.

22-24…you mean 10-12 PM? hmmm…im -5 hours from GMT i think…so thatd be 5 o’clock for me. thats perfect :smile:

Oh woa last night i had the craziest dream, well one of them at least…

Man this thread is crazy, because the dream had to do with just this: the breaking of the record.

God, it was insane. I hit the index and my eyes popped out because it said ‘35 dreamers here. 1_ members, 6 hidden and _ guests’ and then below was this huge list of all the non-hidden members: EVERYONE was on i couldnt believe it!!! I could only imagine the flurry of conversation and topics and…then i realized with sadness that i had no time to log on myself! :sad: hehe now you know why this is most likely my only post today I looked at the record and it said the current record was on the current date (amusingly august something) and i thought: ‘thats a little strange’ (because its the same # as the past record) but i rationalized ‘oh wait its the most recent that counts’ (yeah that makes sense!! :tongue: ) and i dont remember anything else.

But anyways. We gotta make this happen, people. If not to make one person’s dream come true (and oh, i’ll make time, believe me) its to break the record for the forum’s sake, and glory. Think about it, we have the opportunity to make HISTORY here!!!


Then again, was that last record breaking planned? might be better if it just ‘happened’ without planning. But hey planned or not it would still kick a$$!

I’m GMT+2, so at midnight (for me) would be the best time i think. Will it be 22 p.m. GMT then? I think that 22-24 pm is fine (although at 24 pm i might sleep already :razz:)

is that grand mountain central time ?
what is it ?
what date ?

i want to play !
i can go on whenev !
I’ll bring chips !

I think the GMT r3m0t was talking about was Greenwich Mean Time which is used in the UK and some other places. It is basicly the time from which all the adjustments are made, like +3 is 3 hours ahead, -4 is 4 hours behind of GMT ect.

heres a nice site to conversions, courtesy of google :tongue:

ctrl+n, then copy paste the addy nifty


if you are unsure of your time from GMT…look at the lower right text on this page…it should say "All times are GMT +/- ___ Hours You will either be + or - and the ____ is the number of hours you are +/-. 22-24 GMT sounds awesome for me :smile:

so like, what about the date? :tongue: might be a little confusing and whatnot, the international aspects…damn hehe. For me its cool because if i calculated right, pacific time is 2-4 PM from 22-24 GMT. But wait is it daylight savings or summer hours yet (according to that link)?

daylight savings time is in october. as for the date, it wont be too hard.

let’s not break the record and say we didn’t…haha :tongue:

Are we gonna break it NOW? :tongue:

Wasn’t that the idea?

I noticed there were 22 dreamers here about an hour ago… was that it?

How about we all just show up at the designated time every day? Then again some may have it at a not-so-convenient time so okay, how about Sept 25 22-24 GMT??? :smile: